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Max Mass 3XL - 6 kg

Max Mass 3XL from Olimp Sport is a powerful supplement to gain weight, particularly, useful for people having trouble to achieve that, which also have a hard time trying to gain muscle mass or weight. This product mainly consists of carbohydrates and proteins obtained from whey, making this product a very important and beneficial source of energy.

    Complement your routine exercise with Max Mass 3XL from Olimp Sport, a wonderful product that will help to gain the weight desired. Achieve your goal!

    This amazing product helps in the development of muscle mass and consequently in the increase of weight.

    Comes in a presentation of three delicious and traditional flavors, namely, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, which without a doubt will delight those who taste them, not just the flavor is excellent, but also consists of a full and varied set of important amino acids for the organism that must be present in the daily diet in order to contribute in the process of putting on the weight desired and thus achieve the goals set out. In this sense, Max Mass 3XL from Olimp Sport represents a supplement full of proteins obtained from whey, rich in carbohydrates, among other ingredients that makes the difference in terms of quality if compared other existing products.

    On the other hand, Max Mass 3XL from Olimp Sport increases the speed or accelerates the construction of muscle muscles, as its unbeatable formula has ingredients of the highest quality, helps athletes to develop muscles in a healthy form and without adverse consequences that can affect your health negatively. Similarly, it contributes to avoid catabolism. It is worth mentioning that change will not only be physical in the consumer, but also will improve his self-esteem, as looking good will make him feel happy and satisfied of the results and what can be achieved.

    Max Mass 3XL from Olimp Sport is specially designed and created for those men who fail to gain weight, despite making exercise routines designed for that purpose in particular. Similarly, it can be consumed by any sportsman and/or athlete that perform routines with high impact on the body or high intensity, such bodybuilding and other sports in which is necessary to gain muscle mass in proper and, especially, healthy way.

    Facts of Max Mass 3XL from Olimp Sport

    • Ideal for men.
    • Available in three delicious flavors (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla).
    • Contributes to gain weight.
    • Helps to increase the muscle mass.
    • Contains proteins obtained from whey.
    • Has carbohydrates.

    Max Mass 3XL from Olimp Sport offers enormous benefits at physical level, getting in more efficient ways the best results in the gain of weight or muscle mass, using the adequate and necessary ingredients to achieve the goals set out by the consumer. Besides, its rich flavors will allow you to have a pleasant experience and, at the same time, you will get incredible benefits with satisfying results.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 2 tablespoons (100 g) in 170 ml of water. Take 1 or 2 times a day, whether between meals or 1 hour before and after training, approximately. Consume immediately after preparation.

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