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Knockout 2.0 - 305g

It is a nutritional supplement for sports, aimed at stimulating the adequate physical performance of athletes and sports practice fans powered by its fantastic components. This wonderful product stimulates physical performance and proper muscle growth.

    It is specialized in boosting the physical performance of athletes and sportsmen during training with its matchless nutritive input: Knockout 2.0 from Olimp Sport.

    It is an extraordinary and highly nutritious pre-workout and of premium quality, developed from the integration of components of the caffein with a high concentration of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, making this fantastic nutritional supplement the perfect ally for those looking for improving their physical performance and to optimize their fitness during training routines. This great product from Olimp Sport is widely recommended by specialists in physical development because of the verified benefits that its use provides.

    Knockout 2.0 contains in its formula, the right dose of stimulants that offer to our body an effect of muscle pumping, these extraordinary components also are ideal to stimulate the metabolism and, therefore, they contribute to boost the energy levels available in the body, thus helping to maintain the vitality and endure the exhaustion. In addition, this combination of stimulating components present in Knockout 2,0 from Olimp Sport causes a fitting concentration at the time of training.

    In addition, the input of Citrulline and Arginine, which specialize in favoring an optimal process of pumping of blood thanks to their powerful vasodilatory action increase the contribution of oxygen to the muscles, contributing to a better performance and muscle development. This wonderful nutritional supplement made by Olimp Sport contains a fantastic dose of caffein, the compound par excellence to boost performance, reduce fatigue and cause a suitable fat burning effect. Additionally, thanks to the presence of several stimulants, the pre-workout supplement Knockout 2,0 is able to raise the energy level and promote the state of concentration of the consumer, and thus he will be able to take advantage of his physical skills during training, with a greater benefits when it comes to endurance.

    Facts of Knockout 2.0 from Olimp Sport

    • Made from caffeine, citrulline y arginine.
    • Ideal to boost the performance of athletes and sportsmen during training.
    • Stimulates the nervous system, thus promoting concentration.
    • Promotes the increase of body energy levels.
    • Helps improve the response capacity during training.
    • Strengthens the muscles by the input of nutrients.
    • Stimulates a greater pumping of blood filled with oxygen to the muscles.

    The superb powdered nutritional supplement made by Olimp Sport is ideal to supplement the diet of athletes and sportsmen and to favor the obtaining of excellent physical results during training days. Knockout 2,0 is a pre-workout supplement that will make you reach your limits, until obtaining that you achieve all your goals in the field.

    Recommended use: as nutritional supplement, is recommended to add half laddle of Knockout 2,0 from Olimp Sport in 250 ml of water, mix it properly and drink 30 minutes before training.

    Questions and answers
    hola buenas , me he tomado una de las muestras que disteis al comprar un producto y me tome una ayer y bastante bien , pero me he tomado una esta mañana para tener energía y me esta dando cosquilleo por todo el cuerpo , incluso en la columna , porque puede ser ? ayer me fue bien y ahora me pasa esto ? estoy intentando moverme por toda la casa por que parece que de esa forma no me da el cosquilleo. El cosquilleo es un estilo a cuando se te duerme una extremidad y la vuelves a notar , ese cosquilleo es el que noto por todo el cuerpo
    2019-06-06 10:57:58 Marc romero
    Hola Marc, buenos días. El cosquilleo que comenta se llama parestesia y es un efecto que genera el consumo de beta alanina, componente que se encuentra dentro de los ingredientes del Knockout. No se preocupe que desaparece al cabo de un rato. Un saludo.
    2019-06-06 11:38:50 Rafael
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    ¿Sería el Knockout 2.0 un "sustituto" de la L-Carnitina? ¿Se puede emplearlos a la vez o es demasiado? Gracias
    2017-11-27 13:46:33 Ana
    Buenos dias , son cosas diferentes , uno es mas un preentreno y el otro para darte un poco de energia y ayudar a eliminar grasa. si se pueden combinar sin ningun problema. gracias un saludo.
    2017-11-28 10:16:10 Joel
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