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Powdered Intra Xplode - 500g

Powdered Intra Xplode from Olimp Sport is a nutritional supplement rich in amino acids ideal for giving strength to the muscles while performing the most intense workouts or exercises.

    Powdered Intra Xplode from Olimp Sportunprecedented performance exercising.

    Powdered Intra Xplode from Olimp Sport is an advanced formula rich in amino acids ideal to offer the highest performance possible while training or performing some physical exercise. It is rapidly absorbed so its effects on the body are almost immediate. Its main action focuses on producing nitric oxide, which has great influence at the anabolic level, thereby dilating the blood vessels, causing more blood to flow through the muscles in less time and therefore a greater number of nutrients. Its action is characterized by dramatically increasing the strength and power of muscles at the time of training, however its action does not culminate there, as it also improves muscle regeneration after exercise and a remarkable increase in muscle volume completely free of fat.

    One of the main things that athletes and sportsmen are looking for is a product that allows them to increase their performance and with a quick action, however many of these products are metabolized and its effects begin to feel hours after they have been consumed. Intra Xplode from Olimp Sport comes to change this fact, thanks to its innovative formula provides the body with amino acids in the required amount while being quickly absorbed by the body and automatically directed to muscles. At the time of use you can feel the muscles begin to react positively to the amino acids contained in the product, feeling a kind of pumping with which the strength, endurance and performance of your muscles will increase noticeably. The main action of the Intra Xplode from Olimp Sport is to provide the nutrient muscles in the middle of training, a matter of having the strength and power you need at the most important moment.

    Facts of Powdered Intra Xplode from Olimp Sport

    • Source of essential amino acids for muscles
    • Improves strength, endurance and performance
    • Nourishes deep muscles
    • Improves intramuscular blood flow
    • Greatly improves post-workout muscle regeneration
    • Influences in the increase of muscular volume

    An ideal supplement to keep pace in the most demanding workouts without losing power, Intra Xplode from Olimp Sports comes to revolutionize the world of high performance sports supplements. You will notice its incredible effects from the first intake, in the first workout.

    Recommended Use: Dilute 5 grams of Intra Xplode in 150ml of water and ingest at least 10 minutes before training.

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