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Hi Pro Pancakes - 900g

Hi Pro Pancakes from Olimp Sport is a delicious meal that contains proteins and high nutritional values. They are an invaluable source of energy and perfect for your protein-rich breakfast, which is the crucial meal of the day. They are made with gingerbread, raspberry and coconut.

    Hi Pro Pancakes from Olimp Sport is an excellent and unique taste sensation.

    Hi Pro Pancakes from Olimp Sport is the ideal food supplement to have a perfect, delicious and healthy breakfast, full of proteins that you could take with you to work, school or training, with which you obtain a considerable influence on the development of muscle mass and reduction of body fat. This exquisite combination includes gingerbread, raspberry and coconut. Therefore you can enjoy this delicious and light sweet along with all the benefits. Its combination of flavors comes from whey protein, egg powder, flour, coconut, whole milk in powder, skimmed milk powder, oatmeal, fruit juices. They are high in protein, fiber, have the right amount of calories, so it will help keep appetite and anxiety at bay, speed up metabolism and protect muscle mass.

    Hi Pro Pancakes from Olimp Sport has been created to support weight reduction, being suitable for everyone, whether athletes or not; that look for a breakfast or snack so delicious and exquisite as these pancakes, which contain some nuts. These pancakes are rich in protein and carbohydrates, making it a healthy supplement. It is an excellent breakfast but it can be consumed at any time of the day. This food is metabolized only in the liver and is used quickly to produce energy. It also improves the immune system, the thyroid and the skin, is high in fiber, protein, low in carbohydrates and has a high content of antioxidants.

    Hi Pro Pancakes from Olimp Sport are the perfect mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats. Ideal to support muscle gain and muscle recovery, prevent night catabolism, they are also rich in saturated fatty acids. It is a very sought after product in the market, so it is a delight to enjoy. What do you expect to taste them?

    Facts of Hi Pro Pancakes from Olimp Sport

    • High quality protein source
    • Helps lower our cholesterol
    • Healthy fats for easy metabolism
    • Helps us at the energy level and to develop, maintain and strengthen our muscle mass
    • Super easy and quick to prepare

    Hi Pro Pancakes from Olimp Sport is one of the best sources of proteins, in addition to providing us with vitamins and minerals, so it is a food that can improve and complete the nutritional requirement of your body, meaning that it provides us with slow assimilation sugars, proteins, vitamins, and fiber. Hi Pro Pancakes from Olimp Sport is a different and fun way to eat the classic pancakes, an ideal recipe to vary the routine a bit.

    Recommended use: it is recommended not to consume too much in order to keep a balanced diet.

    Questions and answers
    me gustaria saber por favor la informacion nutrional. saludos
    2018-06-16 12:19:26 JUDITH
    Hola por 100gr: depende del sabor puede variar un poco los valores pero poca cosa. Calorías 418 kcal Proteína 41 g Carbohidratos 38 g Fibra 11 g Grasas 12 g Un saludo
    2018-06-18 10:30:31 Beltran
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