Hi Pro Omelette Gold from Olimp Sport is a dietary omelette with 100% protein It is easy to prepare, perfect for breakfast, or after a workout, so it is ideal for athletes. It is made with eggs, proteins and a high nutritious fiber content.

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Hi Pro Omelette Gold Olimp Sport has the taste of well done omelet, ready for you.

Hi Pro Omelette Gold Olimp Sport is a dietary supplement, has a very low sugar content with a perfect source of dietary fiber, and a perfect ally to gain muscle mass, obtain an extra supply of protein with hardly any cholesterol or fats, which is obtained from the protein of the egg white. It does not contain whey protein or sugars. It has a high quality fiber content for our organism.

Hi Pro Omelette Gold Olimp Sport is a food that has been created for active people, athletes, and anyone who aspires to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet and supplement it with complete proteins and nutrients. This product is sold as an excellent, exceptional nutritious whole egg powder. It is a delicious omelette we can consume as a healthy breakfast or a nutritious food after training.

Hi Pro Omelette Gold Olimp Sport with this food we will be able to take care of our health and obtain the input of proteins that we need to receive the beneficial nutrients for muscle growth in the cleanest and healthiest way for our organism. It is a healthy solution to obtain an extra supply of proteins with hardly any cholesterol or fats; our solution would be to eat these delicious omelettes made from gluten-free egg white, and in turn in a healthier way with coconut flour, since they are rich in vitamin A, and iron, very beneficial for our body, providing a total stable protein in the blood over a long period.

Facts of Hi Pro Omelette Gold Olimp Sport

  • A very low sugar content
  • The invaluable source of energy
  • Helps our muscles to get nourished and grow
  • High quality and totally natural proteins

Hi Pro Omelette Gold Olimp Sport is the lightest and most digestive way to eat as it reduces dietary fat and helps to better reabsorb cholesterol in the intestines. In addition, it helps to prevent blood clotting, improve cholesterol elimination, a good food for the brain, where you can improve brain function as to what is important in the metabolism, and it is ideal for any type of diet, if we are trying to lose fat in order to gain muscle mass then this food with few calories and large amount of protein and everything that is beneficial in diets will helps us feel full and keep the appetite at bay.

Recommended use: for a balanced diet, it is recommended to eat two or three omelettes a week.

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