Gold Beef Pro-tein is a protein supplement mainly composed of bovine protein, highly recognized by experienced athletes. This drink has hydrolysed proteins to reduce the size of its molecules, lightens digestion and facilitates its absorption by your body.

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GOLD BEEF PRO-TEIN: the ideal source of protein to lead an active lifestyle and full of energy.

Protein supplements are the basis in the exercise industry, everyone has ever taken a protein shake and a large part of the people who usually go to the gym makes these supplements a constant in their diet.

If you suffer from the annoying lactose intolerance, this is a very good option for you. Like vegan proteins, but with the advantage that its degree of protein per serving is much higher, nothing more and nothing less than 88g of protein per 100g, also has a vast amino acid profile that makes this protein drink one of the best options in terms of quality and results. The source of proteins with the highest biological value is the egg, since the body is able to use up to 94% of the amino acids found in this food. The most interesting aspect about beef protein is that, as long as the ideal nutritional conditions are met, the biological value of this protein source can be equivalent to that of the egg, guaranteeing the highest protein absorption for you.

Elaborating on the previous point, sugars and fats slow the absorption of protein for your body due to the fact that digestive enzymes have to work twice as hard to break down proteins into their basic units, Gold Beef Pro-Tein has a almost no amount of these in its composition to accelerate the digestion of the supplement. It should be made clear that protein supplements are not only recommended for people who go to the gym to gain body mass, although of course in these cases the importance of protein at the muscle level is vital. Its benefits in our body go further, reaching a large segment of people of a very diverse age range who require an extra nutritional supplement to their diet.

It is a fact that a hectic of life lead us to ingest any kind of unhealthy snack, and we all know what we mean, it is more than usual. Satisfy a craving with any snack for lack of time or whim, a snack that will satisfy us while we eat it, but unfortunately after fifteen minutes there is nothing left of that pleasant satiety. A protein shake has a much greater effect to satisfy us than this kind of unhealthy snacks, which many people tend to resort too often, in addition to a low or no input of fats that saves us the guilt feeling goes with us all day. Avoid taking a cookie or a bag of potatoes from the work machine, neither will it satisfy you nor give you any kind of benefit for your body.

Facts of Gold Beef Pro-tein:

  • Free of lactose.
  • Nourish your body with bovine proteins to ensure greater absorption.
  • Low in fat.
  • Free of sugars.
  • Contains branched chain amino acids (BCAA) to provide metabolic energy to the muscles, as well as other organs.

Perfect supplement for any bodybuilder, person who do exercises frequently or anyone looking for an ideal supplement for their diet.

Recommended use: one serving per day (after training, meals or before bedtime). Consume immediately after preparing it. Dissolve a portion of 35g in 200ml of water.

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