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Gold Beef-Pro Amino - 300 tablets

Gold Beef-Pro Amino from Olimp Sport is a dietary supplement designed for sportsmen or active people. This is made from high-quality concentrated bovine proteins and essential amino acids. This powerful supplement is ideal for enriching your diet, improve your physical activities, training and avoid risks derived from muscle breakdown.

    Gold Beef-Pro Amino from Olimp Sport is the supplement you need to fill your quality proteins and essential amino acids.

    This is a product made with bovine proteins of the highest quality and a large profile of amino acids, which are very important to achieve your sporting goals. Its amazing processing provides a source of essential amino acids and peptides with a low molecular weight.

    This supplement was specially designed for sportsmen and physically active people, as it has everything for them to give always the best effort. Gold Beef-Pro Amino from Olimp Sport is a powerful product that you cannot miss. Try it now and enjoy all its benefits!

    This supplement will allow you to get a faster muscle recovery, will help to avoid risks of breakdown or loss of muscle mass, will enrich your diet with its incredible concentrated bovine proteins and its content of essential amino acids will allow you to improve your physical exercises. Gold Beef-Pro Amino from Olimp Sport gives you everything you need for improving both your trainings and physical activities. So, stop waiting and enjoy the high quality of this product and its many benefits.

    All sportsmen suffer from physical wear constantly, therefore, they need proteins and essential amino acids. The essential amino acids are those the body cannot produce on its own and need to obtain them through food or supplementation. Proteins, in this particular case, concentrated bovine proteins are very important and beneficial for the body of any athlete. We must remember that it is important to take care of the body from both the outside and inside. Because of that, we highly recommend this fantastic product, as its high-quality components also benefit your health. Take Advantage of the powerful benefits of Gold Beef-Pro Amino from Olimp Sport which was made carefully with the best ingredients because you deserve the best of the best.

    Facts of Gold Beef-Pro Amino from Olimp Sport

    • Made with concentrated bovine proteins.
    • Contains essential amino acids.
    • Has peptides of low molecular weight.
    • A high quality product.
    • Allows a faster muscle recovery.
    • Improves the physical performance.
    • Designed for physically active people.
    • Ideal to supplement with a healthy diet.
    • Easy to make.

    Gold Beef-Pro Amino from Olimp Sport has been designed for sportsmen and physically active people. This supplement offers a lot of benefits that will boost considerably all your physical activities. Take advantage and enjoy this original product that offers a lot of incredible benefits. Try it and enjoy your day the most.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 30 minutes before every training. The amount of tablets depends on the weight of the body; 70 - 90 kg -> 6 tablets, 90 - 105 kg -> 12 tablets, 105 kg and more -> 15 tablets.

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