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Gladiator Bar - 60g

This protein bar is the perfect snack to give you a good energy recharge at any time of the day with 22 g of protein, also if you are on a diet, it combats the anxiety between meals since it contains 8 g of protein that will help you feel satisfied for longer.


    Gladiator Bar is a protein bar with a delicious flavor and unique texture, ideal to snack between meals and get extra energy at any time and in any place. It is perfect to eat before or after training as a substitute for protein shakes as it provides about 22 g of protein, perfect to contribute to the maintenance and development of muscle mass, and contributes to muscle recovery.

    A snack to enjoy without guilt as a supplement to your diet, with 19 carbohydrates and less than 2 grams are sugars. Specially designed for all types of athletes who need to add more protein to their diet and recover more quickly during their definition and muscle-building stage.

    It also has a high fiber content, a vegetable component that has a fundamental role in the maintenance of the microflora of the colon, it also adds volume to the diet which gives you a feeling of fullness for longer, making it ideal for eating between the meals and take care of your health without having to leave your routine of healthy eating, perfect if your goal is to lose weight and lose fat without feeling hungry.

    Every day athletes and fitness lovers try to get healthier and beneficial foods to add to their diet without all the calories, sugars and fats of conventional sweets and snacks and that's why OLIMP SPORT designed this high-quality energy bar, with an incredible flavor and texture and in a perfect portion of 60 g that you can take everywhere to indulge in eating when necessary, helping you to achieve your physical goal much faster and in a clean and safe way.

    Facts of Gladiator

    • Helps meet the daily dose of protein and fiber.
    • Helps develop and maintain muscle tissue.
    • Improves recovery after physical exercise.

    Energy bars are the number one ally in the diet of an athlete whether he wants to regain muscle mass or lose weight. People with a much more active life need at least 2 grams of protein per kilo of weight per day, so it is necessary to make sure to eat enough quantities during feeding with supplements. Olimp Sport put in the Gladiator bar the best quality, because this company makes sure to use only the best raw material to support the diet of athletes and people dedicated to take care of their health, and these bars an easy, fast way and sure to meet the necessary amount of protein and fiber that you will need during the day.

    Recommended use: As a snack at any time of the day.

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