GB 6000 Bar from Olimp Sport is a snack that has healthy carbohydrates, proteins, taurine and creatine monohydrate. It is a bar with favorable nutritional ingredients and delicious taste. Ideal to try something sweet in a controlled way without incorporating ingredients that promote the development of fats.

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    GB 6000 Bar from Olimp Sport, delicious and healthy flavor.

    GB 6000 Bar from Olimp Sport contains healthy carbohydrates, proteins, taurine and creatine monohydrate in a balanced way. It offers the opportunity to eat sweets in a controlled way, and its advantage is that it does not have sugars or elements that stimulate the development of lipids. Its milk protein provides energy and helps to build more muscles, which is very good for those who practice sports. But above all things, it is a snack that does not make you put on weight and is always the best alternative, before falling into the temptation of eating sweets with sugary ingredients or provided with saturated oils.

    Refined soft sugar and refined flours are present in many of the daily meals. More than anything in the easy and fast meals that are made more frequently. And they are the ones that provoke the tendency to gain weight. That is why you have to avoid them. And if you want to eat something sweet, you have to choose an option that is not harmful. For this reason, GB 6000 Bar from Olimp Sport has been made with healthy ingredients that also provide necessary nutrients to the body. It is a good option to taste a delicacy, without exceeding or leaving the diet plan, to then put all the concentration in the daily exercise routine.

    GB 6000 Bar from Olimp Sport has whey protein that is always necessary to strengthen energy sources. It also has carbohydrates in its healthy form that are also necessary to promote increased vigor. The benefits of creatine that act in favor of energy efficiency must not be overlooked. After an exercise session, this bar is convenient because it makes it possible to control the desire to eat, if they arise. They offer an alternative until the moment of being able to eat healthy at home. This product is not a supplement on its own. It also does not replace a meal but it is an ideal resource to try something sweet without committing any kind of excess.

    Facts of GB 6000 Bar from Olimp Sport

    • Healthy carbohydrates
    • Milk proteins
    • Creatine monohydrate

    GB 6000 Bar from Olimp Sport is sweet but nutritious. That is why it is the best alternative to satisfy the temptation to taste a delicacy without consuming sugars or really unfavorable foods. They contribute to the creatine organism, proteins extracted from milk, and carbohydrates that are beneficial for consumption. They do not replace a healthy diet and neither do they have the function of being sports supplements. It is a delicious option to try something sweet in a moderate way. It is favorable both for athletes, people who want to take care of their weight, or whoever that just want to try a delicious snack.

    Recommended use: consume a maximum of 2 bars per day.

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