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Gainer MCT - 6,8kg

Gainer MCT from Olimp Sport is the legendary weight-loss formula with protein and an incredible taste for professional athletes in the quest to gain muscle mass and boost performance in training. It helps boost strength with a complete matrix of creatine and MCT oil.

    Gainer MCT from Olimp Sport, the ideal support to raise the muscles to the maximum and obtain the best results.

    Gainer MCT from Olimp Sport is an extraordinary weight gainer with a complete matrix to gain muscle mass, with high biological quality proteins, creatine, MCT oil, an advanced composition of carbohydrates with differentiated glycemic index (Multispectrum GI carbs), and 12 catabolizing vitamins special to catapult your body to the maximum of its capabilities. Gainer MCT is an excellent precursor of energy, thanks to a meticulous selection of carbohydrates, and healthy animal proteins for muscle recovery. All this and much more makes it a perfect supplement for the effective building of powerful muscles.

    Gainer MCT from Olimp Sport contains egg white albumin, which has a good amino acid profile and, as well as, whey protein, which is rich in agents for the growth, maintenance and repair of muscles in a clean way. The carbohydrates of differentiated glycemic index ensure an optimal absorption of sugars. Among the composition of the wonderful formula of Gainer MCT, creatine is included, which delivers energy, strength, and endurance to the body; MCT oil, which is a complex containing medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil, and are a rich source of energy readily and quickly absorbed by the body, and no stimulant (such as taurine, for example) is necessary, so that its digestion and assimilation is appropriate.

    Gainer MCT from Olimp Sport is enriched with a vitamin complex for proper sports supplementation. In total 12 vitamins, so that the enzymatic process runs smoothly and thus achieve an optimal energy metabolism. As has already been said, it is a formula for gaining muscle in a professional manner, and professional athletes know it. It is a reformed and renewed formulation of this product, which, since long ago, has been a popular and famous muscle gainer in the world of bodybuilders and fitness people.

    Facts of Gainer MCT from Olimp Sport

    • Complete matrix for muscle development
    • Increases muscle mass
    • Boosts strength and energy with creatine and MCT Oil
    • Helps to endure fatigue and tiredness for a longer time
    • High quality whey protein
    • Contains differentiated glycemic index carbohydrates
    • Amazing new flavor
    • Renewed presentation of this iconic product
    • Support for professionals

    Gainer MCT from Olimp Sport is designed for the sports support of professionals and enthusiasts looking for a muscle gainer that guarantees true results and enhances the energetic values, to have more strength and thus achieve a smooth increase in performance in explosive activities linked to intense training. It has everything your body needs for the increase, maintenance and muscle recovery in a single serving.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1-2 servings daily (between meals or approximately 1 hour before or after training). Dissolve 1 serving in 150-200 ml of water or skimmed milk.

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