Fitness One Gloves from Olimp Sport are a pair of sports gloves specially designed for women. These allow to have more safety upon gripping machines and other training instruments. Every pair also offers everything is necessary to protect the hands, avoiding the appearance of blisters and other conditions caused by the constant use of such instruments.

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Take care of your delicate hands in every training with the wonderful Fitness One Gloves from Olimp Sport. Protection and comfort!

These wonderful gloves are made with the most select materials on the market, which were chosen carefully to give its users not only a good grip, but also softness and comfort when doing exercise routines, without a doubt, it is indispensable.

In this order of ideas, Fitness One Gloves from Olimp Sport has an original and stylish design, comes in all sizes, from XS which is the smaller, through S, M, L and XL which is the extra-large, which means that there are for everyone. Additionally, it has very feminine colors like pink and blue, combined with a spectacular grey that will not go unnoticed, thus completing any style or sports outfit.

The fantastic product Fitness One Gloves from Olimp Sport allows you to have a better development in the exercise routines because those activities are not only about having the correct attitude, but also one must have the proper equipment, for such reason, Fitness One Gloves from Olimp Sport not only allows a perfect grip of instruments, but also provides better ventilation, therefore, sweat will not become stagnant, there will be more flexibility and more endurance, as it has a support in the part of the wrist; it is made of materials so good that you do not have to worry about stretching or tearing.

Fitness One Gloves from Olimp Sport are perfect for ladies to practice any physical activities or sports where the use of their hands is important and which can be harmed by instruments involved the discipline being practiced, such as dumbbells, bars, among others. On the other hand, this product not only offers protection, but also style, as you will look very good, fashionable, this thanks to its unique design and unconventional colors. You will have these gloves for a very long time because they are super hard-wearing.

Facts of Fitness One Gloves from Olimp Sport

  • Made from neoprene.
  • Are half-finger gloves.
  • Available in pink and blue.
  • Have the distinctive logo of the brand printed.
  • In all sizes.
  • Has a chamois cloth on the palm of the hand.
  • Velcro safety straps.
  • Designed for women.

What better way to do your physical activities and protect your hands of those ugly and annoying calluses, besides the convenience and extra support for your wrists. By wearing your pair of Fitness One Gloves from Olimp Sport, your hands will always look beautiful and impeccable, and you can be sure that they will not suffer damage or abuse of any kind.

Recommended use: put them on and adjust to get comfortable. Buy a pair in the size ideal for you.

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