Chela Min from Olimp Sport is an excellent multivitamin supplement, created especially for people who practise intense physical activities, practising sports or leading a very stressful lifestyle. This product contains very important concentrated vitamins such as: selenium, magnesium, chromium, manganese, calcium, among others vital nutrients.

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Chela Min from Olimp Sport is the easiest and most effective way of strengthening your body. Use it in your routines to give everything every day!

Chela Min from Olimp Sport is a food supplement that provides several minerals that are very important to ensure you have the energy and vitality you need daily.

This includes an important set of nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium, copper, zinc and iodine, all in chelate format that promotes it bioavailability. These easy-to-drink capsules ensure the presence of active components, that sometimes are not obtained through food or not ingested due to a hectic lifestyle. Keep a high level of energy in order to persevere in your training and advance successfully every day.

Athletes lose minerals and electrolytes easily through perspiration. Along with the loss of vitamins and protein, soon after they start to feel the effects of fatigue and physical discomfort that could end the exercise routine. Chela Min from Olimp Sport promotes the fast replenishment of these vital elements and helps the ocurrence of an effective protein synthesis. Moreover, it is the ideal supplement for those who practise highly intense disciplines and as result require a high quality nutrition. With a single pill you get a new level of vitality that lasts the whole day. This product will help you train or have an active day, in which you will have the best performance.

Chela Min from Olimp Sport also helps if you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A hectic lifestyle usually does not let you to eat healthy foods or keep schedules for your meals. This often result in a lack of nutrients and vitamins, which may result in a deep physical and mental exhaustion. You can provide your body with minerals you need in order to keep your vitality and have control over your day. This supplement is easy to take anywhere. In this way you will not have excuses to not drink this pill that benefits your health.

Facts of Chela Min from Olimp Sport

  • Contains highly-bioavailable chelate minerals.
  • Reduces the physical and mental exhaustion.
  • Replenish the electrolytes lost during training.
  • Keeps the energy levels high to face the day successfully.
  • Easy to ingest and assimilate.

Chela Min from Olimp Sport is the easiest way to nourish your body and ensure your strengths and energy daily. Thus, it ensures you receive the adequate level of nutrients, which are very important to reinforce your vitality. If you work out intensely every day, this supplement will meet all your vitamin requirements in order to improve your performance. You can also consume it if you lead a hectic lifestyle and want to get over the mental fatigue quickly.

Recommended use: take 1 capsule a day, preferably after the main meal, with enough water.

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