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Boom Bar from Olimp Sport is a healthy snack ideal to satisfy hunger between meals, or just to taste something sweet with low impact on your body weight. It contains milk protein, a thin coating of chocolate, and healthy carbohydrates. It weighs 35 grams and also provides fiber, which is of great importance in a balanced diet.

    Boom Bar from Olimp Sport, delicious taste without feeling guilty.

    Boom Bar from Olimp Sport is a bar made with ingredients with low impact on body volume. It contains milk protein, cocoa butter, a light coating of chocolate, soy lecithin and sweeteners. This snack is a good alternative to eat something sweet, since it tastes delicious, but lacks sugars that might cause imbalance in a balanced diet. It provides proteins that are always necessary in any diet. It can be easily consumed at any time and is an option to satisfy the appetite after physical activity. Although it is also a balanced treat, which can be consumed by any kind of people.

    To achieve a healthy weight, sweets are the first thing that is usually removed in a diet. Sometimes they are limited to tasting fruits, which also provide the body with fiber. But for many people used to eating them frequently, this becomes a very complicated situation. Repeatedly they feel impelled to consume more sweet snacks that are not convenient to lose weight. The solution is to try something sweet in a moderate way that has a low impact on the body. And Boom Bar from Olimp Sport is the ideal snack for controlled eating of sweets, without this causing any increase in body fat. It is made up of proteins, which are a vital source of energy. It has a slight coating of chocolate, in addition to fiber, which is favorable for the digestive balance.

    Boom Bar from Olimp Sport is a healthy option for those who practice sports. After an intense training session you can enjoy the delicious taste of this snack, which does not imply a sudden change in your diet. In fact, it provides them with proteins, which are always necessary in their diet. Specifically, it provides milk protein, which is a usual ingredient in many supplements. It also contains soy lecithin that has excellent nutritional properties. Given the temptation to try something sweet, you have to choose a food that has the least possible impact. And this product offers a good option for athletes. It can also be consumed by all kinds of people, who want to enjoy their flavor without using too much sugars and harmful carbohydrates.

    Facts of Boom Bar from Olimp Sport

    • Contains milk proteins.
    • Thin coating of chocolate.
    • Healthy carbohydrates.
    • Soy lecithin.

    Boom Bar from Olimp Sport is a snack with a low impact on body weight. It has milk protein and fiber that are two necessary ingredients for a balanced diet. This bar does not replace a good balanced meal nor a high quality supplement. But it is a good alternative to taste something sweet, without incorporating processed ingredients or refined sugars

    Recommended use: consume up to three units per day.

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