Olimp MCT - 400 ml

Olimp MCT - 400 ml from Olimp Sport Nutrition at MOREmuscle. Olimp MCT is a medium chain triglyceride of natural origin, the mct is in little amount in foods.

What do you take it for? Losing body fat and stimulating
How is it taken? Before meals
Size per dose From one to three services
How many times? From one to three services
When should it be taken? Before meals
Usos Weight loss

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Olimp MCT is a medium chain triglyceride of natural origin, the mct is in little amount in foods, the main source is the cacao. The fatty acids mct are metabolized by the liver and used as energy, without tendency to accumulate as fat or fatty tissue. Olimp mct differ from other fatty acids because it directly passes to the sanguineous torrent and it does not use the lip?se enzyme nor biles for the digestion of it.

The MCT's are absorbed quickly in blood (similar to glucose), they are characterized by their energy that is the double than the hydrates, and the proteins, because of their high energy value, they cause the thermogenesis of the body and for that reason their so fast absorption and metabolization make possible to store to glycogen in the muscle and save it for the sport. A very interesting property of MCT is that it regulates the total cholesterol raising the HDL (good cholesterol) and lowering the LDL (bad cholesterol).

Olimp MCT is recommended as:

  • Fast energy during the training
  • It supports anabolic transformations.
  • It limits catabolic processes in the muscular mass
  • It contains factors that contribute to reduce the fatty tissue

Directions: In order to adapt the body, take half cork with each food the first 3 days, then to double the dose every 3 days depending on the mass of the body.

Supplement Facts
per 100 g.
Calories830 kcal
Protein0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fats of which fatty acids: (MCT)100 g
Caproic Acid (C6: 0)2 g
Caprilic Acid(C8: 0)50-65 g
Caprico Acid (C10: 0)30-45 g
Lauric Acid (C10: 0)3 g
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ottimo prodotto usato sia su cotto che crudo gusto delicato prezzo ragionevole

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