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DHA + Lutein - 60 softgels

Supplement based on promoting the healthy functions of neurons and neurotransmitters, generating benefits in eye health. This supplement draws its benefits from the contribution of the most important essential fatty acids, such as DHA and Lutein.

    DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital provides Omega 3 with Lutein for an optimal state of eye health!

    DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital is a dietary supplement focused mainly on improving the acuity of eye functions. Thanks to the DHA and Lutein that it contains in its composition, it provides benefits for neurotransmitters and brain neurons, thus promoting the correct functioning of the brain organ and a better vision with much more acuity.

    What are the characteristics of DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital?

    • Its main composition is based on providing benefits to eye health.
    • Of great help for people suffering from cataracts, dyslexia and even memory problems.
    • Participates in the proper activation of neurons and neurotransmitter receptors.
    • Provides benefits for both vision function and healthy brain functions.

    What is in each softgel of DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital?

    The presentation of this excellent dietary supplement is a bottle of 60 softgels of easy digestion.

    The main ingredients to highlight in the recommended dose of DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital are the following:

    • 300 mg of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA).
    • 3 mg of Lutein.

    Benefits of DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital:

    The main benefit of DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital consists in the fact that in children it helps develop visual acuity; while in adults it brings benefits to maintain healthy eye organs. The combination of ingredients in this supplement is known worldwide even for helping to treat diseases associated with the brain and vision, such as cataracts and even dyslexia.

    This supplement works by activating both neurons and neurotransmitters in the brain. This in itself implies the promotion of healthy brain functions, providing maintenance or development of vision and general brain health.

    Another benefit attributed to the consumption of DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital is the fact that this supplement helps maintain the concentrations of cholesterol in the body's plasma within acceptable values. The latter brings as a benefit a good functioning and stable health of the cardiovascular system, avoiding the incidence in diseases such as thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

    This supplement is recommended for all types of people, regardless of age, physical background or gender. It is designed for children to develop a sharp and healthy vision while in adults it helps maintain their cognitive functions and overall health.

    Indications for the correct use of DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital:

    • The specific recommended amount of DHA + Lutein from Oikos Vital depends on the needs of the user. This can vary from 1 to 3 softgels per ingestion.
    • This supplement could be taken at any time of the day while it is accompanied by food and a glass of water or juice.
    • The specific recommended intake of this nutritional supplement should only be made once (1) a day. For no reason should the amount of the recommended intake be exceeded in one day.
    • Only children with a body weight greater than 45 kg can take this supplement.
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