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Agemol Omega 6 - 480 softgels

Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital is an excellent nutritional supplement that has more than one health benefit. Have at your disposal this supplement that helps regulate the blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory benefits. It also offers a boost to the immune system, the nervous system and contributes to a decrease in cholesterol and triglycerides.

    Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital has what you need to have an enviable health. Keep this supplement at hand which concentrates a lot of nutritional benefits!

    Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital is a fatty acid rarely valued, but it has invaluable virtues to promote excellent well-being. It has the ability to regulate pressure, reduce triglycerides and cholesterol. It favors the health of the heart and nervous system. In addition to profoundly improving the body's defenses.

    Essential aspects of Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital:

    • Reduces pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol.
    • Improves the health of the heart, nervous system and defenses.
    • Part of the synthesis of hormones and many components in the body.

    Composition of Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital:

    Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital comes in a bottle that contains 480 softgels.

    A softgel has the following specifications:

    • Provides 10 mg of pure Onagrol oil that comes from cold pressing.
    • Has 56 mg of gamma linoleic acid.
    • Provides 385 mg of linoleic acid.
    • Has 10 mg of natural vitamin E.

    Benefits of Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital:

    Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital is a natural and therapeutic supplement that you have to try. It has been achieved by cold pressing the seeds of evening primrose, which has resulted in a pure supplement, with excellent benefits. It also contains vitamin E, gamma linoleic acid and linoleic acid that complete its therapeutic properties. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and offers excellent reinforcement for the immune system. This is why it favors the health of the heart and that of the nervous system, and can reduce LDL cholesterol. It will also help you regulate hormonal problems, such as those that occur in menopausal women.

    With Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital, you will be ensuring an essential fatty acid. In other words, it cannot be synthesized by the organism. Due to this, it is necessary to incorporate it in the daily diet, or by means of a specialized and natural supplement. It has an amazing effect by reducing the factors that can affect the cardiovascular health, such as the reduction of triglycerides and cholesterol. It also favors a good circulation. In the same way, it provides relief to problems such as rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. And regular consumption can help reverse hair loss.

    In addition, Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital is an excellent nutritional supplement for diabetic people. Its properties favor stable and healthy blood glucose levels, and thus reduce the damage caused by this critical discomfort. It also strengthens the hair, bones and benefits the appearance of the skin.

    Recommended use of Agemol Omega 6 from Oikos Vital:

    • Take 3 to 9 softgels per day.
    • Consume before meals.
    • Break the capsules in the mouth and ingest the oil, before swallowing.
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