Oh my spice protein blend - 141g

Oh my spice protein blend is an excellent way to flavor your favorite foods in a healthy way and also help build lean muscle thanks to its added whey protein, so keeping your figure and eating delicious food is possible with a single product.

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Oh my spice protein blend, excellent option to flavor your meals and build the body you want.

Oh my spice protein blend is an incredible alternative to traditional seasonings for all those people who are looking for a healthy way to give an exquisite flavor to their meals, without fat and with an exceptionally low salt content. A great feature of this product is its added whey protein content, which in addition to seasoning and flavoring, it adds an extra dose of protein to your meals, which makes it an incredibly product effective for sportsmen, athletes and bodybuilders looking to increase or maintain lean muscle mass. Made from the freshest aromatic herbs, all natural and without chemical additives. This product is great to season food and is suitable for all people.

Building and defining muscles requires a great discipline to be able to get palpable results, otherwise it will only be possible to observe an increase in mass but not in definition, showing a robust but little stylized physique, being the retention of liquids and fats the worst enemies of well-defined muscles. That's why Oh My Spice, a brand dedicated to the production of dietary seasonings presents its new Spices Oh My Spice protein blend, an excellent line of seasonings low in fat and salt, enriched with whey protein, ideal for all those seeking to build and define muscle without having to worry about consuming tasteless foods that could jeopardize their determination to comply with diet. In addition, it will greatly benefit muscle regeneration thanks to such whey protein, so you can return to your workouts faster than usual with recharged energy and muscles prepared.

Facts of Oh my spice protein blend

  • Seasonings made of aromatic herbs and 100% natural spices
  • Totally free of fats and chemical additives or preservatives
  • Low sodium
  • Reinforced with whey protein
  • Stimulates the growth of lean muscle mass
  • Improves muscle definition by preventing fluid retention
  • Top quality raw material
  • Totally gluten free

By taking this product, you will no longer have to sacrifice flavor to achieve your body goals, now you can give an interesting turn to your meals with these excellent seasoning, so you can also stimulate the growth and recovery of your muscles.

Recommended use: as a seasoning, add to taste to the meals or dishes, ideal for restrictive or maintenance diets where it is sought to keep muscle mass.

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