Oatmeal pancakes Vitobest - 2 kg

Delight with the Oatmeal Pancakes of Vit. o.

Oatmeal pancakes Vitobest - 2 kg

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What do you take it for? Muscular and energy increase to train
How is it taken? 700 ml agua y a la sartén
Size per dose One service
How many times? Depende de cada uno
When should it be taken? Desayuno y entre comidas
Usos Gain muscle mass

Delight with the Oatmeal Pancakes of Vit.o.Best, filled with energy to keep you always alert. Their proteins come from the ovoalbumin, everything to obtain that your muscles do not stop growing.

The Oatmeal Pancakes of Vit.o.Best is a powder preparation to make delicious pancakes of oats and egg white enriched with orange, honey and vitamins.

Oats is one of the most complete cereals for its nutritious and energetic qualities. It is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The egg white, with its excellent profile of amino acids, is one of the most perfect sources of proteins.

The Oatmeal Pancakes with orange and honey are an excellent energy source, they increase the levels of glycogen and favor the protein synthesis, reason for why they avoid the fatigue and power the muscular growth.

Ingredients: Oats flour, ovoalbumin, orange powder, honey powder, sodium saccharin, vitamin C and vitamin B6.


Product to have cooked.

Mix one dose (33 grams approximately) with water (700 ml) and pour in a frying pan, leave to one side and turn.

They are idealas to have breakfast and/or to take between hours.

Presentation: Packages of 2 kg

Content approximated for 60 pancakes.

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Reviews Oatmeal pancakes Vitobest - 2 kg

  • 02/02/2013

para el desayuno son perfectas, dan toda la energia necesaria antes del entrenamiento

  • 07/07/2017

sabor, disolución y textura fácil de tomar, satisfactorio

  • 06/26/2017

de los mejores preparados de tortitas de avena, sabor neutro con toque a naranja

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