Oat & Whey - 900gr

Oat & Whey by Quamtrax is the best combination for breakfast or post workout, with the best selection of oatmeal and whey protein.
Oats whey - 900gr

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      What do you take it for? Formula meal replacer
      How is it taken? Dissolve in liquid, stir, take / cooking
      Size per dose From one to two services
      How many times? Once or twice a day
      When should it be taken? At any time of the day
      Usos Feeding

      OAT & WHEY

      Oatmeal is one of the cereals with the highest percentage of protein, besides of providing carbohydrates of low glycemic (more satiating by being of sustained release) and an appropriate proportion in heart-healthy fats and fiber. Naturally presents polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6, including linoleic acid, which as we know is an essential fatty acid. Oats, also provide ud fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals such as, for example, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Zinc. Furthermore provides Beta-Glucan, an active substance which helps reduce cholesterol levels.

      Oat & Whey by Quamtrax can be considered as the best "Gainer" and / or the best post-exercise recovery, thanks to the excellent combination of oat and whey.

      Made 100% with oat and whey all in only one product, with main elements for the diet of any athlete.  

      Oats y Whey is low in sugar, free of artificial flavors, whey proteins are easily digested and provide a substantial amount of essential amino acid (EAA), especially the three branched chain amino acids (BCAA). 

      Oat 100% Natural and whey are merged into a smooth and easy to prepare shake, each serving contains 19 grams whey protein and all of the fiber of an oat flake.

      It has no artificial flavors, sweeteners, and synthetic colors. So, naturally, it is great for breakfast, after workouts, and at any time of the day

      We have also thought of those who want to mix oats with other sources of higher biological value proteins, whey, but prefer to take it quickly and without having to do on the pan.  


      Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, add a heaped scoop (60g) to a mixer with at least 200ml of cold water or milk, then mix by shaking for 30 seconds until the powder is dissolved. 

      Reviews Oat & Whey - 900gr

      • 07/05/2017

      Muy buen sabor perfecta para los desayunos y dias de mucha necesidad energetica. Se disuelve bastante bien para ser avena

        • 06/07/2017

        La avena es esencial en mis desayunos me carga de energías y se viene añadida un poco de whey mucho mejor

          • 05/18/2017

          Bom sabor. Barato. Bom produto.

            • 06/09/2016

            Sabor y calidad muy recomendable ademas de ser una avena con buen sabor a fresa de muy buena calidad muy recomendable

              • 02/24/2016

              Me ha sorprendido su precio y su sabor. Basicamente avena en polvo con algo de proteina de whey añadida. Para tus batidos de proteinas.

                • 02/18/2016

                Avena digerible y de fácil absorción, el sabor chocolate delicioso sin empachar

                  • 01/30/2016

                  Sabor muy bueno ideal para merendar precio insuperable

                    • 01/17/2016

                    Buen sabor y un formato que lo puedes guardar a mano.

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