Termotec - 80 caps

Termotec from Nutrytec Sport is composed of an innovative combination of various thermogenic, lipotropic and diuretic ingredients that, together, optimize the degradation of fat reserves, stimulating the basal metabolism and increasing caloric expenditure. In addition, it improves the sports performance and the development of the muscles, providing a better definition of them.

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Termotec from Nutrytec Sport has an innovative formula capable of using fat deposits as a source of energy.

Termotec from Nutrytec Sport allows those athletes and sportsmen who use it to increase the quality of the musculature and, therefore, the muscular definition.

This sports supplement is part of the Platinum Pro Series line from Nutrytec Sport and has the ability to reduce body fat levels without loss in muscle mass, while increasing the volume of it. Clinical studies indicate that Termotec from Nutrytec Sport benefits those athletes who ingested the product, achieving a development of up to 10 times more than normal, of the muscle tissues and, also helps to reduce to 7.9% the deposits of fats.

This product is composed of a formulation that allows the body to use body fat as a source of energy, which leads to better sports performance and, therefore, better results. In addition, this formula increases the levels of norepinephrine for a micro dispersion and an optimization in the absorption process, favoring the burning of fats.

Termotec from Nutrytec Sport was developed by the best doctors and specialists in sports supplements, which makes it an advanced thermogenic that acts by several ways, which help to stimulate the movement of fats and diuretics to facilitate the elimination of it.

This food supplement includes in its formulation thermogenic and lopotropic substances which are attributed properties such as: regulate lipogenesis by stopping the transformation of carbohydrates into fats; accelerate fatty metabolism benefiting lipolysis; release the accumulated fats as heat and optimize caloric expenditure. It also acts as a detoxifier of the body, eliminating toxins and retained fluids. It is a sports supplement that acts with vasocontriction of the vessels of the skin, giving rise to an increase of thermogenesis in brown fat.

Facts of Termotec from Nutrytec Sport

  • Optimizes the decomposition of fat reserves.
  • Increases muscle definition.
  • Increases energy.
  • Collaborates in the elimination of the excess of the retained liquids and of the toxins.
  • Enhances oxygen uptake and energy production during high intensity workouts.

Termotec from Nutrytec Sport effectively reduces the levels of fat in your body, using it as an excellent source of energy. It also improves the definition of muscle tissue, obtaining the optimal results of each intense training.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement is recommended to ingest 2 capsules per day, one fasting and the other before lunch. For advanced athletes it is advisable to progressively increase the dose up to 8 capsules per day.

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