Articalm from Artitec Nutrytec, in its presentation of 60 capsules, is perfect for those who feel pain and swelling in the joints during the sports training.

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Articalm from Artitec Nutrytec, excellent supplement to relieve joint ailments after training.

Articalm from Artitec Nutrytec, in its 60-capsule format, has been designed to improve joint discomfort. Equally, it strengthens the same, keeping them healthy, with a correct structure and great elasticity. This is something fundamental in sports practice, as this provides the ability to mobilize limbs with ease. To obtain good results at the level of the joints, this product contains cartilage of shark, harpagofito, calcium, white willow, phenylalanine and oligofructosa. Likewise, it is endowed with certain minerals such as manganese, copper, cobalt. It also has vitamins C, B6 and D3. All this combination not only involves the substances that help to regenerate and strengthen the joints, but also add supplements (such as vitamin B6) that allow all of the above elements to be absorbed more quickly and synthesized in the cells. In this way, Articalm from Artitec Nutrytec is an integral food supplement, since it encompasses all the necessary aspects so that the articular system of the organism works perfectly.

Thanks to Articalm from Artitec Nutrytec, the body ingests some key substances to keep the joints functioning properly. Among the most relevant we have the famous shark cartilage, which has an immunoregulatory and anti-inflammatory effect that gives two benefits: first, it keeps free knees, elbows, phalanges and other moving parts of the body of infections, and prevents them from suffering painful swellings that in the long run end up degenerating these areas of the body. Harpagofito is a plant in Africa that has been used for centuries to mitigate pain and minimize damage to the joints of the body. In addition, it supplies calcium and minerals that make up the structure of the joints, making them stronger and recover from wear and tear caused by the passage of time. For its part, vitamin C favors the synthesis of collagen, the latter being responsible for the synthesis of substances that create cartilage, tendons and bones. All that we have just mentioned is combined with the other substances to achieve optimal functioning and joint protection.

Facts of Articalm from Artitec Nutrytec

  • In a container with 60 capsules
  • Supplement to protect joints
  • Contains shark cartilage
  • A dose of harpagofito
  • Combination of calcium and minerals to strengthen joints
  • Vitamins for the absorption of nutrients in the joints
  • Promotes the synthesis of collagen

Thanks to Articalm from Artitec Nutrytec, athletes can have better joints, minimizing pain and swelling in them, as well as strengthening them to make it more resistant.

Recommended use: consume 6 or 3 capsules daily according to the type of problem that the person has at the level of the joints.

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