Thermo Xplode 2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series is a dietary supplement that will help you burn fat in your body, while reducing the appetite so that you consume only the food that your body needs. Increase your energy levels with this practical product that increases your metabolism basal, healthy and natural.

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Thermo Xplode 2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series: a new and powerful fat burner, the favorite product of people who want a successful result in such a short time, 100% guaranteed.

Thermo Xplode 2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series contains a great thermogenic that contributes to the burning of fat, thanks to its components of advanced formula that together act for a better effectiveness and speed in the loss of weight.

Thermo Xplode 2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series has a great variety of herbal ingredients such as white willow, with the anti-inflammatory quality, reduction of muscle and joint pain, Acetyl L-Tyrosine that plays a very important role in the body with fat metabolism, as well as maintain the mood for a better focus on exercises, bitter orange that increases metabolic expenditure and contributes to the mobilization of fats without harming blood pressure, horsetail that provides a diuretic effect favoring the removal of retained liquids, Artichoke for a purification of the organism, extract of coleus foshkoli, a plant with a lot of alkaloids that favor the use of fats, guarana, for its caffeine content to stimulate the nervous system, green tea for an antioxidant effect, diuretic, lipid-lowering and lipolytic, maté for an increase in energy that at the same time functions as a diuretic natural.

Thermo Xplode 2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series contains the most active natural ingredients to help you achieve significant fat loss while at the same time producing great energy without compromising your muscle size. Thermo Xplode 2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series is a product intended to promote the processes of diet or weight loss, this thermogenic could be mixed with products intended for muscle protection as protein isolates, amino acids or HMB. Its action can be enhanced with HCA, CLA and L-carnitine.

Facts of Thermo Xplode 2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series

  • Mobilizes and contributes to favor the processes of fat burning
  • Reduces appetite and anxiety greatly
  • Helps control blood sugar, to prevent diseases.
  • Promotes weight reduction by increasing the basal metabolism, which keeps the body energized and healthy.
  • Improves performance at the time of exercise, and a mental motivation
  • Define muscles
  • 100% natural product that does not generate side effects for health.

Thermo Xplode2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series, focused on athletes and active people with a strong training regime, who seek to increase their energy consumption and reduce fat, as well as fitness athletes in the definition period.

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take two 2 capsules of Thermo Xplode 2.0 from Xtreme Gold Series half an hour before breakfast and 2 capsules before the meal.

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