HBM Gold 400 designed by Nutrytec Xtrem Gold has an original formula able to avoid muscle catabolism and increase the ability to perform physical effort. In addition, it helps to protect the muscle tissues after intense training. It is a nutritional supplement that also delays the symptoms of fatigue.

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    What do you take it for? Improve immune system / synthesis of protein / Recovery
    How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once a day
    When should it be taken? Before training
    Usos Overall Health

    HBM Gold 400 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold manages to protect the musculature at the same time that it favors the growth of lean mass.

    HBM Gold 400 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold contributes to weight reduction and optimization of body composition.

    This sports supplement is derived from the metabolite of the amino acid leucine, which has a protective effect on the cellular membranes when high intensity physical activity is performed, thus generating an anticatabolic action. In addition, it collaborates in the action of the hormones that stimulate the muscular growth, being totally effective in processes of development of the strength and recovery.

    HBM Gold 400 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold is able to improve training adaptation by improving strength and power. HBM Gold 400 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold stimulates muscle growth, body composition and delays the onset of fatigue. This nutritional supplement, in the Xtrem Gold Series from Nutrytec, was designed with the intention of protecting the muscular tissue, in order to prevent protein catabolism and favor the increase of fat-free muscle mass.

    It is a product that can be used to the maximum by fitness athletes who perform high intensity, long duration or top level and demanding trainings and need to protect or increase muscle mass. It is also a perfect product for strength and power athletes who aim to prevent muscle catabolism and speed recovery and all people who need to protect muscle from weight loss diets.

    HBM Gold 400 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold can be combined with different types of products and ingredients that also follow the goal of increasing muscle mass, as well as protecting the muscles at the time of performing a high intensity training. During the stages of definition or reduction of weight, it can be combined with supplements that favor the process, such as thermogenic, CLA or L-carnitine. It is possible to combine this product with other usual ingredients in the athlete's diet according to the objectives. For the increase of muscle mass and protection of the muscles of intense training, it can be combined with intra and post-training products that provide the necessary dose of proteins and carbohydrates, such as BCAAs or creatine.

    Facts of HBM Gold 400 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold

    • Muscle growth and definition.
    • Protection of muscle tissues.
    • Optimization of muscle recovery and maintenance.
    • Promotes fat loss.

    HBM Gold 400 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold will help you achieve your main goals. It stimulates optimal muscle definition and muscle development. In addition, it helps with reducing weight and protecting the muscles.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement it is advisable to take four capsules accompanied by a glass of water.

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