Glutamine gold 5000 - 120 caps

Glutamine Gold 5000 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold is a nutritional supplement that will help you in muscle recovery after each day of sports, avoiding muscle pain, and catabolic effects on your muscle mass. Forget tiredness and fatigue with this wonderful product.

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    What do you take it for? Recuperacion muscular y anticatabolico
    How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
    Size per dose Five capsules
    How many times? Twice a day
    When should it be taken? antes y despues de entrenar
    Usos Performance increase

    Glutamine Gold 5000 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold. It helps to repair your muscles in an easier and simpler way, and forget the muscle catabolism.

    Glutamine Gold 5000 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold is a dietary supplement that provides a portion of glutamine, a non-essential amino acid that performs very different and indispensable functions in the body. Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids involved in the composition of the most abundant proteins in the body, distributed in the blood and passing through the organs that need it, glutamine can be converted, conditionally indispensable, at certain precise times, introduced in the intense physical training. At the time the body can not simplify glutamine to meet its needs, glutamine strengthens and retains an exact nitrogen balance in the body.

    Glutamine Gold 5000 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold is an amino acid with great capacity to produce glucose and to replenish muscle glycogen, something that is primordial for the phase of recovery and creation of the tissues. Glutamine Gold 5000 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold has a great action to counteract the excess of lactic acid in muscle tissue, this accumulation is very frequent in people who practice intense sports that causes them great physical fatigue and muscle pain. It is also interesting to note that glutamine is not only indispensable in terms of sports performance and recovery, it also plays an essential role in the immune system at the level of infections and in the digestive system.

    Glutamine Gold 5000 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold precipitates recovery, stimulation and muscle growth, aiding protein synthesis and glycogen; decreasing muscle catabolism, being able to increase performance by reducing muscle fatigue, is widely used by athletes and sportsmen because it has several benefits to repair their muscles after the intense exercise routine. Glutamine cooperates to get the renewal of muscle glycogen spent after exercise, accelerating the process as if it were a catabolizer and without changing the blood sugar, maintains sugar levels for intramuscular energy recovery.

    Facts of Glutamine Gold 5000 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold

    • Indispensable for sports performance.
    • Helps recovery and growth of tissues.
    • Strengthens immune synthesis and the digestive system.
    • Decreases catabolism.
    • Accelerates muscle recovery.
    • Increases the volume of body mass.
    • Helps to get more energy.
    • Provides pure glutamine.
    • Prevents muscle aches.
    • Avoids fatigue and fatigue.

    Glutamine Gold 5000 from Nutrytec Xtrem Gold is used very often by athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen who require more power for their strong workout routines.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take five (5) capsules before training and five (5) capsules before bed.

    Reviews Glutamine gold 5000 - 120 caps

    • 02/11/2018

    Genial para el entreno y post-entreno

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