Nutrytec Xtreme Gold Series

Xtreme Gold Series is a brand created by Nutrytec Nutrition, along with Platinum series and Endurance, the product lines that provide the formulas necessary for the health and performance of professional and amateur athletes seeking excellence.


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Nutrytec Xtrem was born as a result of a close collaboration between an elite bodybuilder and a leading sports nutrition company, aware of the need to support the intense effort of athletes to reach the summit and demonstrate their full potential.

The objective of this extreme line is to offer the highest quality products, in optimal  and tested doses, to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding athletes. The company makes a constant commitment to the quality and effectiveness of its products by updating and reinventing its formulas based on the most modern technological and scientific advances to stay at the forefront. In this way, it has been possible to make available to its consumers the most innovative formulations that make a difference in the reality of the practice.

Xtreme Gold Series has launched some of the most popular and preferred products by elite athletes, such as AAKG Xtreme, the highest quality arginine that offers the highest performance with minimal doses; Anabolic Booster, the advanced anabolic precursor that allows to increase the anabolic hormones in an optimal way; Arginine Gold, arginine in its pure state; BCAAs Xtreme, the potent amino acid formula with a perfect balance; Carnitine Xtreme, the high performance carnitine that boosts body fat burning and CEE Xtrem, creatine ethyl ester with all the benefits of creatine monohydrate and no side effects.

EEAAs Xtrem provides all essential amino acids with L-Arginine and Vitamin B6 for exponential performance, GHI Xtrem boosts hormone levels and improves sleep quality, Glutamine Gold delivers the purest pharmaceutical grade glutamine; HMB Xtrem, the supplement that protects muscles at the maximum effort; Isogold Professional, the high-end protein isolate; Mass Fusion Xtrem, the total gainer; No Super Pump Xtrem, the powerful nitric oxide precursor; Piruvate Xtrem, the innovative fat burner, Shock On Xtrem, the advanced formula for vascularization; Thermo Detonator, the extreme natural thermogenic formula and Whey Gold professional, the optimized whey protein concentrate for professional athletes, among others.

All Xtreme Gold Series products are developed specifically for athletes who give their all in the gym and who prefer to use advanced formulas in maximum doses that provide intense and total effects, helping to achieve the most ambitious goals quickly and effectively.

Xtreme Nutrition offers high quality and performance, guaranteeing that all its products comply with the strictest rules of production and safety of use for the consumption of athletes and sportspeople of all levels.