Termotec from Powertec Nutrytec, in its 500 ml format, is perfect for those who struggle to remove extra fat. This is achieved thanks to its composition of elements that catalyze the conversion of lipids into energy.

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Termotec from Powertec Nutrytec, incredible thermogenic ideal for removing fats quickly and achieving a slender figure.

Termotec from Powertec Nutrytec is offered in a 500 ml version. It is a stimulating, thermogenic, high-powered drink. Its input to the body is to burn the body fat to produce energy and at the same time decrease the amount of lipids. The success of its formula lies in the combination of L-carnitine, guarana, white willow, ginger, chrome picolinate and various vitamins.

This conglomerate of substances favors the so-called lipolytic effect, which consists of the transfer of body fat to the liver, where they are oxidized, disintegrated and converted into energy that helps to significantly improve sports performance. Therefore, those who consume the Termotec from Powertec Nutrytec have a double energy source. On the one hand, the derivative of glucose and also that obtained thanks to the use of lipids as a source of body power. In that sense, they not only double their strength, speed and intensity, but also quickly eliminate the accumulated fats in the abdominal area and other parts of the body.

Thanks to L-carnitine, fatty acids are transported into the mitochondria, where they are broken down to generate energy. It is worth mentioning that its consumption, along with some carbohydrates, helps to lose weight as it stimulates the corporal activity getting rid of fats. For its part, the consumption of guarana helps to better digestion and absorption of food. Also, it optimizes the diuresis, reason why it is possible to eliminate the toxins by means of the urine, avoiding that they accumulate in the liver. The rest of the ingredients present in the formula helps improve the blood, causing cholesterol and triglycerides to be removed from the veins and taken to the liver for conversion into an energy source. In this way, the risks of cardiovascular accidents are minimized, the heart's capacity is strengthened and overall cardiovascular health is achieved. The sum of all these factors makes Termtec from Powertec Nutrytec a fantastic product for athletes and people in general.

Facts of Termotec from Powertec Nutrytec

  • Drink in 500 ml bottles
  • Stimulates the conversion of fats into energy
  • Increases metabolic performance
  • Keeps appetite at bay
  • Protects the cardiovascular system
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Includes vitamin B3

Thanks to Termotec from Powertec Nutrytec, body fat is no longer a problem to use it as a source of energy for sports activities. In addition, it is possible to improve the body weight and maintain in optimal conditions the cardiovascular system, thus achieving that overall health at an optimal level.

Recommended Use: take one bottle daily, 30 minutes before beginning the workout routine.

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