Pro53 RDT Shake - 500ml

Pro53 RDT Shake from Powertec Nutrytec is a nutritional supplement, a beverage that helps you maintain your muscle mass, improves muscle recovery time after performing each sports activity, preventing muscle damage and catabolism, while strengthening your immune system.

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    Pro53 RDT Shake from Powertec Nutrytec is a ready-to-drink protein shake (RTD), with an exquisite taste and texture, as well as providing a great supply of proteins ideal for you.

    Pro53 RDT Shake from Powertec Nutrytec contains dairy proteins, and are considered of high biological value. Specifically, up to 53g of concentrated milk protein, with a small input of fats (1g / bottle) and a moderate supply of carbohydrates, are supplied per each serving. This product provides the necessary nutrients for the human body. Particularly suitable for people with intense, long and demanding workouts, which is outstanding in training for certain athletes, such as gyms, fitness, among other sports in which users want to increase their muscle mass.

    Pro53 RDT Shake from Powertec Nutrytec is a product that stands out for its format, which enables its transportation, and so we can carry with us the necessary protein. Active people who exercise frequently should maintain a daily supply of protein as it is critical to maintaining muscle mass, regenerating it, and helping maintain metabolism. Therefore, if you do not have time to make a meal, PRO53 RTD SHAKE achieves these goals instantly. Because of its composition, it is quickly assimilated and makes you feel full for a long time. In turn, you will be ingesting vitamins, and the amount of carbohydrates it provides is sufficient to ensure an adequate supply of energy. Ideal formulation in shake format, to help gain muscle mass, improve recovery and prevent muscle damage.

    Pro53 RDT Shake from Powertec Nutrytec is the perfect protein for after training, thanks to its hydrolyzed whey of the highest quality, which in turn has gone through additional processing methods to break down proteins into simpler peptides, which are assimilated by the body quickly for the replenishment of energy in muscles and in turn the growth of these, as well as the prevention of deterioration of muscles. It comes in different flavors: cream with cookies, chocolate cream, wild strawberry and vanilla. Its different flavors and texture make it a delicious shake. Made from top quality raw material, avoiding to be viscous and with a not so sweet taste, method to neutralize the bad taste of other products of poor quality.

    Facts of Pro53 RDT Shake from Powertec Nutrytec

    • Maintains muscle mass
    • Improves recovery
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Prevents muscle damage
    • Prevents muscle catabolism
    • Powerful source of energy

    Pro53 RDT Shake from Powertec Nutrytec is a special product for the most demanding athletes, who maintain and take care of their food, especially those who wish to define their muscles, this is the indicated protein par excellence, being the most effective and tolerated of all.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take a bottle divided into 2 servings: before and after training.

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