Aquatec Sport from Powertec Nutrytec is a sports drink containing water and mineral salts, such as sodium, potassium and magnesium, in order to rehydrate during training, from the simplest to the most complex.

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Aquatec Sport from Powertec Nutrytec: sports drink ideal for remineralizing the body during demanding exercises.

Aquatec Sport from Powertec Nutrytec is a refreshing drink that provides excellent rehydration to your body after an intense day of physical exercises.

It is ideal for anyone who wants to rehydrate during training, whether beginners or high performance athletes. Among the properties offered by this product is that our bodies increase mineral salts such as sodium, potassium and magnesium which protects us from suffering some common situations when doing physical activities; For example: exhaustion, loss of muscle strength, contractures and loss of consciousness. This product is available in three presentations and gives different flavors: green apple, lemon and orange so it will adapt to the tastes of any sportsman, being a reliable and effective drink for those moments where they begin to lose minerals through sweating, and it is important to replace them in order to continue training effectively and continuously.

Being well hydrated is essential for our lives, especially when performing any kind of physical activity. However, the nutrients and minerals we need to ingest during a workout are not always in the water. When practicing any sport, whether of low, medium or high difficulty, our body temperature rises considerably, which leads to sweating a lot, losing much water and mineral salts, making us prone to dehydration. For this reason, Powertec Nutrytec developed the sports drink Aguatec Sport, which contains sodium, magnesium and potassium to help our bodies to rehydrate during physical activities from the simplest to the high performance. That is why when you exercise you sweat buckets and continuously, that is why, this refreshing and delicious drink will undoubtedly be an excellent ally to continue with your routines.

Facts of Aquatec Sport from Powertec Nutrytec

  • Increases the presence of sodium in the body, restoring mineral salts
  • Increases the presence of potassium in our body, which results in the strength of the bone system and bodybuilding
  • Quickly restores the volume of water in the plasma
  • Benefits more efficient irrigation of tissues and improves cardiac function
  • Rehydrates deeply.

It is suitable for mixing with powdered protein supplements, which are widely used in endurance exercises and in the development of muscles. It has different flavors for all tastes and is available in a comfortable 500 ml presentation, making it easy to transport to a gym, park or any place where you decide to train.

Recommended Use: drink during and after physical training, taking short breaks for drinking.

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