Oat whey professional from Nutrytec Platinum Series is a nutritional powder, which helps you to develop and maintain your muscle mass more easily. It is rich in fiber and carbohydrates, contains oats and amino acids, and provides you with a great source of protein to fill your days with energy and vitality.

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Oat Whey Professional from Nutrytec Platinum Series: the fantastic carbohydrate supplement for the perfection of your body, increase and maintain the volume of your muscles to impress the competition.

Oat Whey Professional Nutrytec Platinum Series is compounded with an ultra-filtered whey protein powder with the highest quality carbohydrate with low glycemic index that can give oats, plant proteins and fiber. Each serving delivers more than 39 grams of carbohydrate, 40% protein and a prolonged energetic value to contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and also the maintenance of bones.

Oat Whey Professional from Nutrytec Platinum Series has as its main source being oats. Oats are naturally low in sugars, and provide complex carbohydrates with low reaction that provides slow energy and high fiber perfect to withstand hard endurance and strength training, such as lifting weights or exercises for any sport. The carbohydrates of oats are low in glycemic index, they help to slow glucose absorption, and thus the energy production can be maintained more stable during the time of physical activity, because sugar levels in the blood are on the sidelines. When the physical activity is prolonged, the muscle will adapt more, conserving the volume of these.

Oat Whey Professional Nutrytec Platinum Series is formulated from oats with the protein concentrate of a high biological value, obtained from whey isolate with a high quality ultrafiltration process that supply essential amino acids that increase and regenerate the muscles, maintaining the volume of the muscle mass. It is the perfect combination for a pre-workout or a post-workout because it provides energy slowly to last in the physical training and also in the same way can act as a muscle replenisher.

Facts of Oat Whey Professional from Nutrytec Platinum Seriesh

  • Development and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Oatmeal makes it a healthy product for energy, fiber and carbohydrates
  • High carbohydrate index per serving, with 39 g each dose
  • 40% protein per serving, rich in instant amino acids for muscle recovery
  • The combination between oats and whey protein, which makes it a vital product in the preservation of muscle volume
  • Energy supply for long-term training

Oat Whey Professional from Nutrytec Platinum Series is designed for athletes and people in the fitness world, as well as people who want to stay active by performing sports and physical performance activities. The perfect combination with oats to exploit your rhythm in the pre or post workout, to sustain your strength during the most demanding exercises, develop your body with respect to your muscles and improve your resistive conditions. Oat Whey Professional comes from the branch of sports supplements Platinum Series from Nutrytec Labs that makes this an innovative, effective and quality product with complex protein, fiber and carbohydrate percentages that delivers the combination of oats and whey protein.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 100 g in 200 ml of water or milk. Take one to two daily servings.

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