Carbo 37 from Nutrytec Platinum Series is a nutritional supplement with antioxidant qualities, without chemical additives, because it is a 100% natural product. It prevents muscle injuries during or after your workouts, while eliminating the feeling of tiredness during the day.

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    What do you take it for? Muscular and energy increase to train
    How is it taken? With water or milk
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? On an empty stomach and after training
    Usos Gain muscle mass

    Carbo 37 from Nutrytec Platinum Series is your best companion when it comes to exercising, burning fats to live to the full.

    Carbo 37 from Nutrytec Platinum Series is a product created to strengthen your muscle mass in a healthy way without getting to alter the metabolism because it balances the level of nutrients in the body. Designed for bodybuilders, fitness professionals, models, athletes, sportsmen and those people who want to look good without harming their health.

    Carbo 37 from Nutrytec Platinum Series contains a great variety of proteins and vitamins that reinforce you and your body while you are executing a series of exercises. The active and responsible athletes take care of their food, they avoid the sedentary lifestyle, leaving its zone of comfort. The world is full of nutritional supplements, low in nutrients and a high level of carbohydrates and this is where the high performance athlete seeks to consume certain supplements that provide amino acids to the body for the development of muscle tissue in addition to these many other advantages of natural form you will reach and you will be able to observe in a short time attaching to the busy routine of exercises that realize daily, you will be able to notice that you will not lack energy to finish the day. At the moment of ingesting one of our capsules added to the exercise routine and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet you will achieve an optimal anaerobic capacity in the short term.

    Carbo 37 from Nutrytec Platinum has natural herbal ingredients with alkaline properties which, in addition to achieving a lean figure and significant weight loss, provide you with an optimal state of health keeping your blood pressure and health conditions in splendor for the development of your day to day.

    Facts of Carbo 37 from Nutrytec Platinum Series

    • Contains natural antioxidants.
    • Increases sports power.
    • No chemical additives.
    • Reduces tiredness.
    • Prevents muscle contraction.
    • Improves blood clotting.
    • Increases energy considerably.
    • Helps to get a much more defined musculature.
    • Helps the digestive system by absorbing nutrients from food better.

    Carbo 37 from Nutrytec Platinum Series is the recommended supplement for those athletes who want to transform their day improving their quality of life, sports performance burning fats without risking your muscle mass. You will maintain a high performance reflex level and because it will not increase your manhood. The effectiveness of this product is 100% proven by experts in the sports area and endorsed by the Ministry of Health. Take the best advantage and you will see that in matters of days you will have the right weight, perfect muscles, zero fatigue and above all excellent health.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules daily to increase physical performance and lean mass after an arduous day.

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