Amino Liquid from Nutrytec Platinum Series is a sports drink containing vitamin B6, minerals and glycine, in order to give you more energy and endurance to the body of anyone who wants to train without experiencing a feeling of fatigue. In addition, this product is in a comfortable presentation of 500 ml and has a sweet plum flavor, for comfort and enjoyment.

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Amino Liquid from Nutrytec Platinum Series: sports drink ideal to grant quickly-absorbed energy to the body and muscles.

Amino Liquid from Nutrytec Platinum Series is a refreshing sports drink with vitamin B6 and a delicious plum flavor. With a state-of-the-art formula developed by Nutrytec, this liquid supplement is ideal for people who want to carry out high level physical training, since glycine, its main ingredient, is an amino acid that facilitates the regeneration of muscle tissues, reduces inflammations and greatly increases energy levels. If you are looking for a product that will provide you well-being at the time you practice your favorite sport or any activity that requires physical effort, then Amino Liquid from Nutrytec Platinum Series will be your perfect ally for your day to day.

The key to successful physical activity is to have a high level of energy and endurance. Normally, these benefits should come from the food we eat, however, due to our poor eating habits and a life with little or no physical activity, we often experience an overwhelming feeling of intense fatigue or heavy exhaustion. However, if you take Amino Liquid from Nutrytec Platinum Series you will say goodbye to all these symptoms of sedentary life and you will feel completely revitalized to perform better in your daily life. On the other hand, it is ideal to stimulate you during physical exercise, as it contains glycine and vitamin B6 to help the body to convert sugar into energy and to muscle regeneration. If you want to train without feeling completely exhausted, this drink is ideal for you.

Facts of Amino Liquid from Nutrytec Platinum Series

  • This product makes it easier for the body to regenerate muscles for better performance during physical exercise.
  • Transforms the glucose into energy, giving the body the vitality necessary to carry out any task, especially the workouts.
  • Increases creatine levels in the body, so it helps prevent muscle contraction.
  • Improves cognitive processes related to memory.
  • Accelerates repair of damaged tissues.
  • Helps normalize blood glucose levels, so the body revitalizes cases of fatigue, anemia and low blood sugar.
  • Improves the functioning of the digestive system.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties, diminishing those terrible pains subsequent to the routines of exercise.

With Amino Liquid from Nutrytec Platinum Series you can nourish your body with high quality amino acids to improve your physical performance.

Recommended Use: ingest 15 ml diluted in 100-150 ml of water before, during or after physical training. Shake well before drinking. Remember that this product is a protein supplement to improve body and mind functions, but it is not a replacement for medications prescribed for previously diagnosed conditions. Do not exceed recommended dose.

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