Oatmeal Gourmet from Nutrytec is a product based on oatmeal that offers all the benefits of this, as they are offering a lot of fiber, carbohydrates and proteins of high biological value, in addition, regulate cholesterol and sugar in the bloodstream, being able of enjoying in 8 delicious flavors.

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    Oatmeal Gourmet from Nutrytec: ideal for regulating cholesterol levels.

    Oats (Avena sativa) is a genus of plants of the family of the poaceae, used as food, is a very common cereal that is cultivated in temperate zones of the whole world, this plant has a stem of 5-10 dm of height and the leaves are alternating, lanceolate and flat, whose color is blue green and allows to distinguish it from the barley, in addition, has a panicle with ears of 2 cm long and the fruit is the cereal used worldwide as food, one of the most important benefits of oats are the reduction of cholesterol in the blood.

    Oatmeal is a healthy baking flour, in addition to the fact that it adds an appetizing flavor to your baked goods, this type of flour has the same nutritional value as the whole oats, in addition, of multiple advantages that the conventional wheat flour does not have, for example, it improves cardiovascular health, regulates cholesterol and sugar levels in the bloodstream, provides high amounts of fiber and proteins of high biological value, is rich in vitamin E and B, phosphorus, iron and carbohydrates, helps good intestinal transit avoiding constipation and helps eliminate toxins from the body. Oatmeal Gourmet from Nutrytec contains all the benefits of oatmeal plus it comes in 8 delicious flavors: Sponge Cake, Black Cookies, Peanut Butter, Sweetcorn Chocolate, Catalan Cream, Croissant, Rocher and Velvet.

    Facts of Oatmeal Gourmet from Nutrytec

    • Produced using 100% natural oats.
    • Great amount of proteins of high biological value.
    • High source of carbohydrates.
    • Regulates cholesterol levels.
    • Improves cardiovascular health.
    • Rich in vitamins B and E, phosphorus and iron.
    • Helps the good intestinal transit avoiding the constipation.
    • Controls the levels of sugar in the bloodstream.
    • Great alternative to wheat flour.
    • 8 delicious flavors to choose from: Sponge Cake, Black Cookies, Sweetcorn Chocolate, Catalan Cream, Croissant, Rocher, Peanut Butter and Red Velvet.

    Oatmeal Gourmet from Nutrytec is ideal for anyone who seeks a healthy alternative to wheat flour, as it helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol in the bloodstream, improves cardiovascular health and is a great source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, in addition to come in 8 delicious flavors (Sponge Cake, Black Cookies, Chocolate with Sweet Milk, Catalan Cream, Peanut Butter, Croissant, Rocher and Red Velvet) so cooking with it is a wonderful experience.

    Recommended Use: we can take oatmeal of different flavors with juice, milk, water, in pancakes or incorporate them into any other homemade recipe.

    Reviews Oatmeal Gourmet - 3kg

    • 07/07/2017

    Buenisimo sabor, ya me he hecho mis primeras tortitas.. Estaba cansada del sabor vainilla que es el que habia utilizado hasta ahora y este buenisimo

      • 01/25/2018

      Très bonne texture,et agréable au goût

        • 10/07/2017

        En liquidacion ideal.
        Sabor bueno.

          • 09/26/2017

          Lo uso como complemento al muesli en el desayuno.
          Recomiendo a todas aquellas personas que quieran sentirse saciadas con un complemento que apenas incrementa el volumen muscular.
          Producto de calidad,buen sabor y buena textura cuándo queremos un batido concentrado(espeso)

            2017-07-04 21:52:22
            El sabor black cookies sería sabor oreo? Gracias.
            2017-07-05 09:59:03
            Buenos dias , si es ese sabor. un saludo gracias.
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