Vitargo Electrolytes - 1000g

Vitargo Electrolytes from Nutrytec Endurance has a patented formula of amylopectin able to make a fast gastric emptying, which results in a better digestion. It also has the ability to optimize performance during training and renew glycogen reserves by approximately 70%.

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    What do you take it for? Performance, recovery
    How is it taken? Swallow with water
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? Before and during training
    Usos Performance increase

    Vitargo Electrolytes from Nutrytec Endurance contains top quality amylopectin complemented with electrolytes to restore mineral salts lost during training.

    Vitargo Electrolytes from Nutrytec Endurance can collaborate to prevent hypoglycemia and simplify maintenance of glycogen stores during physical activity.

    This sports supplement facilitates digestion so that carbohydrates can reach the bloodstream more quickly and then be absorbed by the muscles and used as a source of energy or to restore glycogen stores. In addition, it improves productivity during training as an extra dose of energy quickly. Vitargo Electrolytes from Nutrytec Endurance includes in its patented formulation barley amylopectin which helps replenish glycogen stores more quickly than other carbohydrates, resulting in a continuous pace in the development of training. Amylopectin is a carbohydrate that has a large number of binding points for digestive enzymes, so it can be rapidly digested while its glucose molecules are transported into the bloodstream. This product has a high molecular weight that enables the production of solutions with low osmolarity, being able to pass the stomach 130% faster than other similar carbohydrates.

    Vitargo Electrolytes from Nutrytec Endurance is enriched with electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, which have the function of participating in the retention of fluids ingested during physical activity, helping to avoid dehydration that can be caused in the course of training in which sweat losses are high. It also contains 41 milligrams of magnesium, which helps decrease fatigue and maintain the balance of electrolytes and calcium, which is of utmost importance for the process of muscle contraction. It is a nutritional supplement that can benefit all types of athletes who perform a physical activity that requires an extra dose of energy and carbohydrates, especially if it lasts more than sixty minutes or is performed in a high temperature environment. It is a supplement that can be used in combination with other energy complexes of different formats, such as bars or gels. Vitargo Electrolytes can be combined with gels, caffeine or branched amino acids and at the end of the training can be recovered with a shake or proteins bars and carbohydrates.

    Facts of Vitargo Electrolytes from Nutrytec Endurance

    • Provides energy to maintain productivity during workouts.
    • Prevents hypoglycemia.
    • Optimizes post-training recovery of glycogen stores.
    • Facilitates the restoration of electrolyte balance.

    Vitargo Electrolytes from Nutrytec Endurance is the nutritional supplement your body needs to achieve optimal performance in each workout.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement it is advisable to mix 2 tablespoons of the product with about 500 or 600 milliliters of water then shake for 30 seconds.

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    • 05/03/2018

    Bon gout fruits rouges

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