By drinking Isotonic Drink Xplode from Nutrytec Endurance, format of 1000 grams, is possible to recover the water lost or consumed during training. This is because of the combination of salts, sugars and vitamins that make the liquid is absorbed more quickly in the body. Likewise, this product helps boost energy and overall physical performance.

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Isotonic Drink Xplode from Nutrytec Endurance, excellent isotonic formula to restore energy and hydration in the body.

Isotonic Drink Xplode from Nutrytec Endurance, in its presentation of 1000 grams, is a supplement that dissolved in water has the mission to moisturize the organism at high speed during sports training. The key is that it provides certain additional nutrients, because it is not the same to drink pure water that accompanied with substances that catalyze its absorption by the digestive system. One of the original aspects of this product is that it is not a drink, which is the format in which isotonic solutions are designed to hydrate the body, but it is a powder offered to the public in a convenient container that can be taken anywhere. The idea is to add a few tablespoons of it in drinkable water to achieve that the liquid can be absorbed more quickly. This is achieved because Isotonic Drink Xplode from Nutrytec Endurance contains a certain combination of salts, carbohydrates, vitamins and other elements similar to those in the intestine, which is why water flows better through this body tract and is better synthesized in the metabolism.

Among the substances that make up Xplode from Nutrytec Endurance we have sucrose, citric acid (which gives a peculiar lemon flavor), magnesium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, vitamin E, vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamin B1. All this combination makes the water easier to absorb by the metabolism, because it is already accompanied by the substances of the blood system and the body in general, therefore has the same density and properties as those of the internal organs. On the other hand, the incorporation of certain vitamins causes that the liquid improves the uptake of amino acids and manages to work better at the cellular level. In addition to the above, it happens that Xplode Nutrytec Endurance also contains substances that give energy for sports, such as a certain dose of caffeine. In this way, it becomes an integral product, perfect for high performance physical activity and with many advantages. Important: not recommended for children, adults only. Neither it is recommended for pregnant women nor people with gluten intolerance.

Facts of Isotonic Drink Xplode from Nutrytec Endurance

  • In a container with 1000 grams of powder.
  • To dissolve in water
  • Product to hydrate quickly during exercise
  • Contains salts, sugars and vitamins
  • Perfect for improving sports performance
  • Convenient to use and take away

Thanks to Xplode from Nutrytec Endurance, it is possible to recover the water lost by the body during exercise, which helps to maintain an adequate exercise pace for a longer time, thus obtaining a better body performance.

Recommended use: 30 grams of the powder should be dissolved in 300 ml of water and drink before or during training.

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