Gel Refuel from Nutrytec Endurance is a food supplement ideal for those athletes who want to provide their body with the exact dose of carbohydrates and protein that is required day by day during workouts. Get energized with this great product and improve your physical performance comfortably.

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    Gel Refuel from Nutrytec Endurance provides extra energy before or after workout for a better workout, Gel Refuel is your best ally.

    Gel Refuel from Nutrytec Endurance consists of a simple blend of carbohydrates and proteins with active and stimulating components such as taurine, caffeine, kola nut fluid extract, eleutherococcal fluid extract and dry ginseng extract.

    It acts as energizing to obtain more strength and power, improving the conditions of the sports performance or in training. It has an energetic value level that boosts your body, in periods where you need extra energy.

    Gel Refuel from Nutrytec Endurance contains taurine and caffeine in high and low ratios respectively, which provides a stimulating effect on the central nervous system and improves performance on endurance tests, delays symptoms associated with mental fatigue and accelerates reaction time, thereby, it can prevent athletes from having coordination problems caused by fatigue. Taurine functions as a neurotransmitter of the nervous system, so it is used as a component of energy drinks and nutritional supplements for athletes. Caffeine helps keep glycogen in the body, which causes more energy to be gained by using the fatty acid reserves, in addition to generating more muscle contraction strength. It increases the alert level, stimulating the respiratory system and the vasomotor system.

    Gel Refuel from Nutrytec Endurance also uses the properties of the other stimulating agents such as the eleutherococcus. This benefits the body's endurance to effort, helping and facilitating its recovery quickly, and allows to increase the capacity, quality and speed to make physical efforts. In situations of stress, asthenia and fatigue, it is also recommended to take eleutherococcus, and it is also known to favor a decrease in high cholesterol. The kola nut is a good tonic and nervous stimulant, in addition, it is a good physical regenerator. Ginseng improves our body's response to training by adapting to situations under stress, both physical and mental.

    Facts of Gel Refuel from Nutrytec Endurance

    • Excellent gel for a preworkout or a postworkout
    • Gel with energetic and restorative effect
    • Very useful against fatigue and in cases of asking the body for an overexertion
    • Improves physical and mental performance in a workout or sports
    • Simple sample of carbohydrates with proteins so you do not increase the calorie value
    • Increases the endurance of the organism and facilitates the consumption of oxygen during the same
    • Comfort in its transport and use thanks to its format

    Gel Refuel from Nutrytec Endurance is a product that offers an easy and comfortable performance extra during or after training. It has the capacity to regenerate your endurance to exercise and movements in sports. There is no need to look for a source of energy of another type, in its container you have all the energy you need without increasing calories. It is ideal for the most demanding athletes, hands down.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take a gel before or during sports.

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