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Vegan Protein - 520g

Vegan Protein from Nutrisport is an incredible totally-vegetable protein formula with a lot of amino acids that make it ideal to increase lean muscle mass, improve recovery and repair muscle post-training and improve the protein synthesis of the body in people with vegan diets.

    Vegan Protein from Nutrisport, all the benefits of protein 100% suitable for vegan diets.

    Vegan Protein from Nutrisport reaches the market for protein supplements with an incredible and effective variant between the competition: 100% vegan protein, which is obtained from grains such as rice and pea which has an excellent complex of amino acids ideal to meet the needs of athletes and sportsmen in terms of sports performance and protein utilization.

    The high biological value of Vegan Protein from Nutrisport makes it an extremely easy supplement to be assimilated by the body, which results in a remarkable increase in lean muscle mass, a significant improvement in post-workout cell regeneration and repair processes, and an increase of strength, power and physical endurance in record time. Ideal for people looking to improve muscle volume and definition without having to consume animal protein, Vegan Protein is undoubtedly the supplement they need.

    A good intake of protein represents sustenance and continuity for proper muscle development in athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen, so your daily diet, whether to gain muscle, lose weight or in the maintenance phase should always be accompanied by a good amount of protein, however this is usually a problem for vegan people, because the vast majority of protein supplements available on the market are of animal origin, that is why the Spanish brand Nutrisport, dedicated to nutrition and sports supplementation presents its new Vegan Protein, an incredible 100% vegetable protein formula ideal to bring all the benefits of protein to the body in a clean and 100% vegan way.

    It has an incredible biological value that facilitates its assimilation in the body as well as amino acids and vitamin B6, to improve physical performance, use of nutrients and therefore obtain results in a shorter time.

    Facts of Vegan Protein from Nutrisport

    • Protein of vegetable origin, extracted from rice and peas
    • Increases lean muscle mass
    • Improves strength, power and endurance
    • Improves protein synthesis in the body
    • Improve muscle definition
    • 67% protein of the total content
    • Improves post-workout muscle regeneration

    Vegan Protein from Nutrisport will be the ideal ally of anyone seeking to take advantage of the benefits of protein in their daily diet without having to resort to animal sources, building their dream body with a 100% vegan nutrition.

    Recommended Use: dilute 26 grams in 250ml of fresh water, consume between meals and after exercise.

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