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Vegan iso powder - 490g

Vegan Iso Powder from Nutrisport helps you to hydrate well and recover the electrolytes lost by sweat, in addition to optimizing your performance and delay muscle fatigue, specially formulated for all athletes seeking an immediate and sustained energy input with electrolytes of natural origin before, during and after physical activity.

  • Gluten FreeGluten Free

    Vegan Iso Powder from Nutrisport. Recover in the best way the electrolytes lost by sweat.

    During physical activity, fluids and electrolytes are lost through sweat, if they are not recovered properly, this situation can cause a great decrease in sports performance, which is why Vegan Iso Powder from Nutrisport, an isotonic drink with ingredients of natural origin, free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), gluten and lactose, essential to meet energy needs and hydrate the body efficiently during physical activity.

    Vegan Iso Powder from Nutrisport helps you optimize your physical performance and delays muscle fatigue, because it replenishes the electrolytes you will need later in your workouts. All these great benefits are thanks to the ingredients used to create this isotonic drink, as it is formulated based on: Organic Rice: which provides complex carbohydrates to ensure a long-lasting energy supply, effectively delaying muscle fatigue. Agave Syrup and Grape Concentrate: are sugars of vegetable origin, which provide energy to the body without increasing the glycemia suddenly, avoiding the peaks of the same. Coconut Water: historically used as a natural source of minerals, among its many benefits are those that improve muscle contraction and relaxation, as well as regulate blood pressure. Beet: a vegetable rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Acerola: which is a plant rich in vitamin C that stands out for its energy and antioxidant power.

    Vegan Iso Powder from Nutrisport improves the replacement of electrolytes and carbohydrates needed to meet the metabolic needs before, during and after physical training, is sweetened with stevia, achieving a low fat content and has a delicious and refreshing flavor of fruits of the forest.

    Facts of Vegan Iso Powder from Nutrisport

    • Ideal for maintaining optimum hydration during physical activity.
    • Low intake of fats and proteins.
    • Contains neither gluten nor lactose.
    • Free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
    • Sweetened with stevia.
    • Restores electrolytes lost by sweat.
    • Provides prolonged energy.
    • Attractive presentation and delicious fruit flavor of the forest.

    Vegan Iso Powder from Nutrisport is an isotonic drink, with ingredients of 100% natural origin, essential to meet the energy needs during physical exercise, this drink was specially made to properly hydrate and recover electrolytes lost by sweat, is essential to maintain performance athletic stable, delay muscle fatigue and provide sustained energy and decrease fatigue, in addition to being fully fit for athletes and vegans.

    Recommended use: dissolve the contents of 4 doses (49 g) in 700 ml of water.

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