Shaker from Nutrisport, with its total capacity of 600 ml, is a perfect complement for every lover of body training. Thanks to it, you can prepare with great comfort protein shakes or with nutritional supplements that provide the body with the raw material for its development and growth. Therefore, it is essential to have it.

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    Shaker from Nutrisport, excellent ally to prepare your shakes and protein drinks wherever you are.

    Shaker from Nutrisport has a capacity of 600 ml and is an accessory for all those who practice fitness, lift weights or exercise, broadly speaking, as it allows to prepare protein and amino acid shakes that every athlete requires to maintain an optimal body.

    Its design is very ergonomic, because it is made of LDPE plastic that is very hygienic and easy to wash. In addition, its design allows a good grip with ease preventing the container from slipping. Also, its cap is resistant and prevents the mixture inside it from spilling. This way, with Shaker from Nutrisport, you can put water and powder of nutritional supplements, shake with energy and obtain a milkshake 100% nutritious, vital, perfect to give the body of the raw material for its proper operation and muscle mass growth.

    These types of containers, also known as shaker or cocktail shaker, are made up of three fundamental elements: the glass, the lid or glass cover and the cap. The first one fulfills the function of storing the liquid and the other ingredients that make up a shake. On the other hand, the lid or cover of the glass is tightly fitted on the lid of the vessel and the cap is fitted with it. Finally, the lid is usually threaded or pressurized and is responsible for closing the shaker to be able to shake its contents and make a mixture inside. It is worth saying that Shaker from Nutrisport, with its capacity of 600 ml, has these three pieces perfectly coupled together. In addition, it is designed to be transportable, comfortable to handle and with capacity to maintain inside the ingredients of both shakes and protein mixtures necessary for every athlete to be able to feed properly and have an ideal body development.

    Facts of Shaker from Nutrisport

    • 600 ml capacity
    • Made of plastic LDPE
    • Ergonomic and easy to handle
    • Hygienic, easy to wash
    • Ideal for preparing shakes and protein mixes
    • It has a glass, cap and lid
    • 100% safe, once closed its content is not spilled
    • Easy to grip, it does not slip with sweaty hands
    • Elegant and clean design

    With the fantastic Shaker from Nutrisport, with capacity of 600 ml, you have a perfect shaker for every sportsman. It is an accessory that makes mixtures and shakes with nutritional supplements, which are indispensable to maintain a diet rich in proteins and other nutrients.

    Recommended use: always use the lid closed, to avoid spillage. Grab it by the middle zone, because it is the one that has the diameter of a hand and proceed to shake well.

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