Protein Bar from Nutrisport is a quick and easy way to consume high quality protein, helping to improve and promote muscle gain, thus supplying all the protein needs of an athlete who undergoes intense training sessions in addition to being a delicious and healthy snack.

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    Protein Bar from Nutrisport: a delicious way to consume high quality protein.

    Protein Bar from Nutrisport is an ideal dietary supplement for anyone who wants to cover the daily protein intake when you perform intense training sessions. Its composition is usually composed of dairy protein, enriched with vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and fats to nourish the muscle and thus supply all the needs and in this way promote muscle gain.

    Protein Bar from Nutrisport is a fast energy supply ideal for those who want to gain muscle. When consuming it, the muscles do not fatigue so quickly thanks to the energy supply that this offers, giving place to that we last longer those long and intense sessions of training. Consuming any protein bar is not enough to satiate the needs of the body, you need to eat the best protein possible to promote gain and combat muscle wasting, Protein Bar from Nutrisport offers a protein of high biological value. But what is a protein of high biological value?, the proteins are formed by a group of small molecules called amino acids, these are united between them forming chains and each protein presents a different amino acid ordering, the proteins of high biological value present a rich variety of amino acids, including essential amino acids, that the body does not produce.

    Likewise, it is important to note that Protein Bar from Nutrisport is ideal to avoid muscle catabolism, since its presentation is in the form of protein bars, it makes them extremely portable, being able to carry them and consume them in almost any place, besides coming ready for consumption thus avoiding having to prepare shakes, saving in this way a lot of time and being able to consume them in shorter intervals, in this way Protein Bar from Nutrisport is a practical way of maintaining a high metabolism and well-nourished muscles.

    Facts of Protein Bar from Nutrisport

    • It is rich in high quality proteins.

    • It promotes muscle gain and regeneration.

    • It provides a quick energy boost.

    • It comes in 9 delicious flavors: Chocolate, Coco, Cookie, Cracker, Orange, Banana, Toffee, Red Berries and Apple Yogurt.

    Protein Bar from Nutrisport is ideal for those busy people who do not have time to prepare a complex protein shake that need a quick and convenient source of high quality protein for after training, providing enough nutrients for proper gain and muscle regeneration, besides being a healthy and delicious snack. 

    Recommended Use: Take after a workout to promote muscle gain.

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