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Mineral Caps - 106 caps

Mineral Caps from Nutrisport is the dietary supplement that every sportsman or athlete needs at the moment of being exposed to a hard routine of prolonged training. Recover lost electrolyte levels during your sports day.

    Mineral Caps from Nutrisport. Your supplement for daily supply of minerals essential for the protection of organs, tissues, muscles and nervous system.

    Mineral Caps from Nutrisport is a natural substance of inorganic origin, characterized by having a well defined chemical structure to play a very important role within the body, since it is necessary for the formation of tissues; It is vital to take into account your daily contribution in the diet, since this supplement in capsule contains a mixture of minerals essential for the use of athletes; Its advanced formula is focused on the physiological activity of the body while doing the training, so when taking each capsule of this dietary supplement will give your body everything it needs to recover quickly.

    Mineral Caps from Nutrisport is characterized by three (3) minerals that are important for your body and its proper functioning, such as Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium, which will help you to quickly replace the electrolytes lost by your body during the training days or sports activities. It is often advisable to take isotonic drinks that play the role of helping you to compensate for this electrolyte loss, however, there are times when not all the physical activities you do will allow you to ingest all the amount of isotonic drinks your body requires during the training; It is here that  Mineral Caps from Nutrisport comes into play, because with the simple fact of ingesting this nutritional supplement you can replenish the amount of electrolytes lost during your arduous exercise routine.

    Mineral Caps from Nutrisport is designed for you as an athlete who needs to keep the body fully active, before during and after each workout, giving you an amount of electrolytes equivalent to 500 ml of isotonic drink, in every two (2) capsules of this wonderful nutritional supplement. Avoid annoying cramps, contractures or other injuries that can cause the low level of electrolytes in your body, including in your daily diet this nutritional supplement that Nutrisport has brought to you.

    Facts of Mineral Caps from Nutrisport

    • Presentation of 106 natural capsules
    • Compensates the electrolyte imbalance in the body
    • Ideal for athletes or sportsmen whose exercise routine to which they are exposed daily is long and strong.
    • Avoids problems such as cramps, contractures and others caused by low electrolyte levels in the body
    • Acts in conjunction with isotonic drinks, especially when the type of exercise does not allow the ingestion of these drinks.
    • Supplement based on Magnesium, Potassium and sodium.
    • Does not generate side effects.

    Mineral Caps from Nutrisport is especially for you because you do hard training days, for a long time, since it will help you to replace and level the amount of electrolytes you lose during your sports routine. Always feel active, injury free in your body, at all times, just include this wonderful supplement in your daily diet, which is the only one to bring the greatest amount of electrolytes to your body, compared to other similar products in the market.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules daily during each day of training or sports competition.

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