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Iso whey Shake 20g - 330ml

Iso Whey Shake from Nutrisport is the fastest and most delicious way to replenish proteins and also lose weight due to its low amount of fats and carbohydrates making it a perfect product for those people who want to maintain their muscle mass in a stable way and replace lost amino acids by training or who are following calorie-restricted diets.

    Iso Whey Shake from Nutrisport, a delicious and practical way to consume protein.

    Ingesting protein in the daily diet of athletes is a fundamental tool to achieve a favorable development of workouts, amino acids and proteins, are the basis of all muscle mass, which are essential nutrients for any athlete.

    Iso whey Shake from Nutrisport is a source of extra protein for the body, is constituted by whey protein, which is characterized by its high Biological Value and its richness in Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs).

    Iso whey Shake from Nutrisport is a drink with a high protein content with very few hydrates and fats. With the sufficient amount of protein per shake is ideal to recover from muscle wasting, after intense training sessions, thus avoiding muscle catabolism, without the need to increase the carbohydrate and fat dosage in your daily intake, thus stimulating the muscle growth and avoiding to increase the fatty deposits in the organism.

    A key ingredient of Iso Whey Shake from Nutrisport is Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, which provides multiple benefits to the body such as helping the synthesis of carbohydrates in the body, that is, its degradation in the body for the generation of energy. In addition to synthesizing carbohydrates, it also processes fats and proteins, another function of pyridoxine is to allow the formation of white blood cells in order to prevent diseases and strengthen the immune system, help in this way to protect us from colds and diseases that can jeopardize our performance, also intervenes in the development of neurotransmitters and other essential substances for the nervous system that regulate mood states, in other words, it facilitates the production of serotonin, a substance that fights stress, depression and insomnia, is a highly recommended vitamin to increase the effectiveness of those diets which goal is weight loss. Iso Whey Shake from Nutrisport comes in two delicious flavors for consumer enjoyment, orange and strawberry.

    Facts of Iso whey Shake from Nutrisport

    • Provides enough protein.

    • Contributes to the maintenance and recovery of muscles.

    • Provides essential branched amino acids.

    • Covers the daily requirement of Vitamin B6.

    • Has very few fats and carbohydrates.

    • Practical container, you can take it anywhere.

    • Delicious flavors of Orange and Strawberry.

    Iso Whey Shake from Nutrisport is a practical, simple and delicious way to diet, because in addition to providing the body with proteins of high biological value and essential amino acids it contains little fat and carbohydrates. 

    Recommended Use: Take 1 bottle after training. Shake before using.

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