Higums Instant Energy with Caffeine from Nutrisport are delicious gummies fortified with vitamins and caffeine to provide your body with high quality carbohydrates, providing energy efficiently and quickly in an unconventional way but very fun and delicious.

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    Higums Instant Energy with Caffeine from Nutrisport, energy wherever you want and when you want in fun gummies.

    Higums Instant Energy with Caffeine from Nutrisport come to revolutionize the market of sports supplements in a radical way, presenting energy contained in small and delicious gummies that you can consume wherever and whenever you want, offering the fuel your muscles need to achieve optimal physical performance in any self-imposed physical activity or training routine.

    Produced from fruit juice and enriched with BCAAs, taurine, mineral salts and caffeine, this product will dramatically improve your energy and vitality levels as well as muscle response, post-workout regeneration and will add to your body an excellent antioxidant shield that will prevent oxidation and premature cellular aging resulting from the action of free radicals.

    Staying energetic and active is something that is difficult for many people today given the accelerated rhythms of life that are now normal, so it is increasingly common to see people with uncomfortable thermos or large bottles of liquid with energy drinks in almost anywhere to keep pace. Nutrisport, Spanish brand known for its incredible nutritional and sports supplements presents its new Higums Instant Energy with Caffeine, which are delicious gummies made from fruit juices enriched with amino acids, BCAAs, taurine and caffeine to provide your body with high quality carbohydrates and easy absorption into the body, allowing instantaneous increase of energy and physical endurance as well as vitality and vigor, improving athletic performance in athletes and sportsmen by replenishing glycogen stores lost during intense physical activity. In addition, thanks to its added caffeine, it inhibits the feeling of fatigue and tiredness, stimulates the use of fats as a source of energy allowing in this way to prolong the time you can perform physical activities without exhausting.

    Facts of Higums Instant Energy with Caffeine from Nutrisport

    • Gummies in three different and delicious flavors
    • Increases energy and endurance
    • Restores mineral salts lost in sweat
    • Improves muscle response thanks to taurine
    • Inhibits the onset of fatigue and activates the nervous system with caffeine
    • Provides the carbohydrates needed to replenish glycogen in the body

    Energize your body in a delicious and fun way with Higums Instant Energy with Caffeine from Nutrisport and enjoy a more active life.

    Recommended Use: consume during physical activity.

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