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Fitmeal control day - 260g

Fitmeal Control Day from Nutrisport is a delicious food substitute that provides protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for weight control diets. It is the most balanced and nutritious way to meet the daily requirements and stimulate the operation of the metabolism.

    Fitmeal Control Day from Nutrisport, a delicious nutritional supplement to be in shape.

    Fitmeal Control Day from Nutrisport is an ideal dietary supplement to control the weight because thanks to its balanced composition of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and vitamins ensures the correct operationg of the metabolism without exceeding in calories.

    A serving of Fitmeal Control Day from Nutrisport can be an excellent meal substitute since it covers the nutritional needs in diet plans for slimming, ideal for a person who is in a stage of muscle definition or simply want to lose those extra pounds. In addition, Fitmeal Control Day incorporates a good percentage of fiber to increase the sensation of satiety and to maintain the stable levels of blood glucose, which will avoid eating unhealthy foods and out of time.

    Usually when you want to lose weight the nutritional needs are no less than those of a sportsman with high intensity workouts, on the contrary, by restricting the body to certain amounts of calories it is indispensable to provide more nutrients for the maintenance of good health, for this reason, incorporating Fitmeal Control Day from Nutrisport into the diet is recommended to consume a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. However, while the combination of carbohydrates with proteins is an adequate food in sports, it is necessary to know that it should be consumed moderately to improve the operation of metabolism.

    But there's nothing to worry about, Fitmeal Control Day from Nutrisport is the most balanced way to consume these two important nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are other nutrients that can not be lacking in Fitmeal Control Day, especially when you want to control the weight since they play a fundamental role to provide energy, accelerate metabolism and maintain proper health. Also, they have an antioxidant effect.

    Facts of Fitmeal Control Day from Nutrisport

    • Helps control weight
    • 1 nutritious shake substitutes 1 meal
    • Provides sufficient amounts of fiber, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins
    • Increased feeling of satiety
    • Promotes the proper operation of the metabolism
    • Chocolate and Strawberry Flavor for a Pleasant Experience
    • Ideal for athletes or people who want to lose weight in a healthy way

    Usually these components can be obtained naturally from certain foods, such as fruits, cereals, vegetables, etc., but sometimes we do not have time to prepare a rich meal to provide our body with all its advantages, Fitmeal Control Day is the substitute we need to meet the requirements.

    Recommended Use: replace 1 main meal with 1 shake of Fitmeal Control Day. It can also be combined with diet bars and other supplements for greater effects.

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