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Cellular Creatine - 500g

Cellular Creatine from Nutrisport is a creatine monohydrate supplement that increases the strength and endurance of muscles as well as its volume considerably, increases energy reserves at muscle level, helps reduce fatigue, promotes recovery and is an excellent ally to improve sports performance.

    Cellular Creatine from Nutrisport dramatically increases your muscle performance and stimulates lean muscle gain.

    Cellular Creatine from Nutrisport is a sports supplement that thanks to its contribution of creatine of the best quality allows to radically energize the muscles, greatly increasing physical strength and endurance as well as improving its absorption of nutrients and regeneration, stimulating the growth of lean muscle mass.

    In addition, it is a rich source of nutrients such as L-Glutamine, Taurine, Lipoic Acid and Fructose + Dextrose + Maltodextrin, which are ideal for carrying out high intensity workouts or many repetitions. Creatine is an essential nutrient for every athlete since its daily intake helps to increase the reserves of ATP in the muscles, being this a fuel par excellence and the best ally to train with greater intensity and effectiveness. In addition, Cellular Creatine from Nutrisport is not only involved in increasing energy levels, it also positively influences the processes of muscle recovery, reduced fatigue and increased sports performance.

    Nutrisport brings in a comfortable 500 g format all the benefits of consuming the best creatine in the market to maximize muscle performance, gaining muscle mass in the process, nevertheless, incorporates to its formula other ingredients for greater positive effects, which include L-Glutamine, Taurine, Lipoic Acid and Fructose + Dextrose + Maltodextrin. Firstly, L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid for the maintenance and development of muscle mass, additionally, it is ideal to avoid tissue destruction after high intensity workouts. On the other hand, Taurine in sports intervenes in the mechanisms of nerve response, therefore, it improves the muscle responsiveness to any stimulus.  

    Lipoic Acid is another of the elements that can not be missing, because it intervenes in the energy metabolism, ideal to get all the energy necessary to give everything in competitions or in the gym. Finally, Fructose + Dextrose + Maltodextrin is a rich combination of long and short chain carbohydrates that activates the processes of creatine absorption in muscles, and best of all, it participates in the prolonged release of energy.

    Facts of Cellular Creatine from Nutrisport

    • Increases energy levels at muscle level
    • Helps recovery processes after intense workouts
    • Increases strength and endurance
    • Stimulates gain of lean muscle mass
    • Reduces muscle fatigue
    • Promotes maintenance of muscle mass
    • Creatine of the best quality Strawberry and Citric flavor

    High intensity physical or sports activities require large amounts of energy, so supplementation through products as Cellular Creatine from Nutrisport is required to meet the requirements and provide the body with all the benefits.

    Recommended use: in the loading phase, take 15-20 g a day, spread over 3 servings and for 1 week. In the maintenance phase, it is recommended to take 5 g a day, preferably before or after physical exercise.

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