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Carbo blocker - 60 tablets

Carbo blocker from Nutrisport is a dietary supplement made from white bean extract, which main action is to absorb the carbohydrates that are ingested with the meals, thus allowing a considerable reduction of the calories absorbed by the body, stimulating healthy and sustained weight loss.

    Carbo blocker from Nutrisport, enjoy your favorite foods by blocking some of your carbohydrates.

    Carbo blocker from Nutrisport is a cutting-egde carbohydrate blocker elaborated with extract of white beans, food that has phaseolamina as active principle and that works in the organism, specifically in the intestinal region, absorbing part of the carbohydrates that are ingested regularly next to the meals, avoiding its absorption by the body and therefore, significantly reducing the amount of calories absorbed, stimulating a healthy and sustained weight loss as well as keeping blood glucose levels stabilized.

    It is ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, sportsmen or anyone who seeks to lose weight in the right way using safe, reliable and effective supplementation, being very effective if it is used in strict calorie counting regimes, as it will consume even fewer calories. Those provided using this incredible nutritional supplement.

    Losing weight is undoubtedly a goal that many people draw at certain times in their lives, whether to look good for an important occasion or simply want to preserve their health effectively and properly. However many give up the objective simply because they do not take to the letter the food regimens indicated for this purpose, consuming carbohydrates and extra calories and therefore losing results from sight.

    Carbo blocker from Nutrisport reaches the market of dietary supplements to change the rules of the game, as it works as an effective blocker of carbohydrates in the body, preventing them from being absorbed and therefore radically decreasing the calories regularly ingested in the diet, thus allowing an effective loss of weight that can be seen in a short time and that will not generate rebound effects, what makes it an ideal supplement to lose weight of definitive way and without having to restrict too much the foods that are ingested in the daily diet.

    Facts of Carbo blocker from Nutrisport

    • Incredible carbohydrate blocker
    • Works directly at the intestinal level, avoiding the enzymatic action in the carbohydrates
    • Reduces the amount of calories absorbed by the body
    • Stimulates healthy and sustained weight loss
    • Regulates blood sugar levels
    • Ideal for periods of weight loss with calorie counting

    Enjoy all your favorite foods without having to worry about calorie counting with Carbo Blocker from Nutrisport and achieve your desired body by consuming what you like. 

    Recommended Use: Consume two tablets a day half an hour before the main meal.

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