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B-caps Beta-alanine - 100 caps

B-caps Beta-alanine from Nutrisport is the nutritional supplement indicated to obtain energy during training,  to prevent muscle fatigue, increase endurance and improve sports performance. Anyone who has a demanding exercise plan requires taking this supplement so that each movement or weightlifting is totally energetic and powerful.

    B-caps Beta-alanine from Nutrisport: the best supplement to increase sports endurance.

    B-caps Beta-alanine from Nutrisport is a dietary supplement based on beta alanine, which is an amino acid derived from alanine and is essential for energy. Its consumption is highly recommended for athletes, bodybuilders or fitness people who wish to improve their sports performance and feel energetic in every movement.

    Beta-alanine is an amino acid precursor of carnosine, the latter being important for regulating blood pH and counteracting the acidity produced by lactic acid during physical exercise. Thanks to this effect, it is possible to obtain better endurance in each weightlifting and to prevent muscle fatigue.

    On the other hand, other benefits of carnosine is that it increases the release of calcium, which is very good for raising stamina and continue training for much longer, ideal for cardiovascular exercises or very demanding workout plans. To these advantages, we must also add the antioxidant benefit of beta alanine, since its intake through supplements such as B-caps beta-alanine from Nutrisport helps reduce the oxidative effects that arise in the release of free radicals under physical effort.

    Normally, playing sports requires the body's ability to withstand each of the movements or repetitions, so it is necessary to increase the energy to enjoy a better sports performance. The good news is that B-caps beta-alanine from Nutrisport has the right ingredients to prevent tiredness and be prepared for any obstacle in the gym. Usually beta alanine can be obtained from certain meats, however, when the body is subjected to great amounts of physical effort, sometimes the food does not meet the requirements of certain nutrients, for this reason, specialists recommend their consumption through supplements such as Nutrisport B-caps beta-alanine for greater effectiveness.

    Facts of B-caps Beta-alanine from Nutrisport

    • Increases energy
    • Contributes to greater sport endurance
    • Fights tiredness and muscle fatigue
    • Reduces oxidative stress
    • Helps improve sports performance
    • Allergen free

    It is imperative to incorporate supplements to enhance the effects of workouts, therefore, taking B-caps beta-alanine from Nutrisport is exactly what every athlete needs to complement exercise, thus improving athletic performance in general, allowing you to train for longer and with greater intensity, achieving better results.

    Recommended Use: take 2 capsules of B-caps beta-alanine from Nutrisport daily, preferably before physical training.

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