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Amino Recovery from Nutrisport is an ideal nutrition supplement for athletes because it contains in its base formulation L-glutamine, branched amino acids and HMB who are responsible for helping the loss of body fat, development and muscle recovery at the same time as they prevent the catabolism.

    Amino Recovery from Nutrisport, ideal for encouraging muscle recovery.

    Amino Recovery from Nutrisport is a nutrition supplement containing in its base formulation L-glutamine, branched amino acids (BCAAs) and HMB. This perfect combination of ingredients almost immediately promotes muscle recovery after exercise and in turn protects muscle mass during physical activities and reduces the feeling of tiredness or fatigue. 

    Physical exercise generates a muscle wasting and that should be rewarded with a great contribution of proteins and amino acids. Failure to replenish them, muscle regeneration processes cannot be done so quickly and the degradation of muscle proteins will possibly lead the body to have unwanted catabolism.

    The company Nutrisport has been responsible for presenting Amino Recovery which is a complement that contains in its formulation the combination of all the ideal "aminos" that meet all those protein needs that any athlete could need and also muscle recovery. On the other hand, Nutrisport is one of the most recognized brands in Spain that is characterized by the quality and variety of its products offering always the most complete sports nutrition and producing articles with the best innovation and purity of the market.

    Facts of Amino Recovery from Nutrisport

    • No carbohydrate.

    • Has in its formulation branched amino acids BCAAs, L-glutamine and HMB.

    • Helps to lose body fat and lowers cholesterol.

    • Increases muscle recovery and decreases recovery times.

    • Stimulates the correct growth and development of the musculature.

    • Designed with components that aim to prevent catabolism.

    • Gives the body B6 vitamins that are responsible for intervening in the process of assimilation of amino acids.

    • Serves as an excellent source of energy if there is any type of carbohydrate deficit.

    Amino Recovery from Nutrisport has as main objective to stimulate the muscle definition, the development of the musculature, also has properties that make the person can lose weight and at the same time protect the muscles and intervene in the processes of recovery and muscular maintenance. It is ideal and highly recommended for all those people or sportsmen who are exposed to exercise routines in which the muscular wearing is very intense. In addition, it is important to note that this product does not contain allergens. 

    Recommended Use: Take about 6.5 g after exercise routines or before bedtime. Preferably dissolve it in 150 ml of juice or protein shake.

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