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Essential Amino acids (EAa) - 250g - Nutrisport

Essential Amino acids (EAa) from Nutrisport is the most recommended nutritional supplement for athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders due to the fact that essential amino acids are present in its formulation, which are ideal in muscle regeneration processes and in preventing catabolism.

    Essential Amino acids (EAa) from Nutrisport: an ideal supplement to complete the protein needs of athletes.

    Essential Amino acids (EAa) from Nutrisport is a nutritional supplement based on essential amino acids that are ideal to meet the protein needs of sportsmen, athletes and bodybuilders.

    Essential amino acids are the only ones that must be ingested through a diet because our body does not synthesize them by itself. These are extremely important for the processes of muscle building, in addition, these protect muscle mass during exercise routines and in turn reduce tiredness and fatigue.

    When we exercise we begin to wear out the muscles and usually, this wear and tear has to be rewarded with a great supply of amino acids and proteins. Failure to do so will cause muscle recovery processes not to be performed which usually leads people to catabolism, which is the process that occurs when the body does not receive enough nutrients ends up looking in the muscles what it is necessary, thus reducing muscle mass.

    Aware of these protein needs (of athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders) Nutrisport have developed Essential Amino Acids (EAa) which is a nutritional supplement based on essential amino acids which are perfect to meet these needs. The essential amino acids present in this formulation are L-leucine, L-valine, L-trithiophan, L-phenylalanine, L-methionine and L-lysine, these are responsible for stimulating protein synthesis processes and are essential for proper regeneration of muscle tissue.

    Facts of Essential Amino acids (EAa) from Nutrisport

    • A dose of this product provides the body with 9.1 g of essential amino acids.

    • It has the recommended daily amount of vitamin B6.

    • It stimulates the processes of regeneration of the muscles.

    • It prevents muscle catabolism.

    • It is ideal to be used as an energy source when there is a deficit of carbohydrates.

    Essential Amino acids (EAa) from Nutrisport were designed primarily to help people in terms of muscle definition, muscle growth, as well as increasing weight loss and muscle recovery and maintenance, this is what makes this product ideal for all those who thanks to intense workouts possess great muscular wear. This happens frequently to athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders. 

    Recommended Use: Take between 3 and 5 g of Essential Amino acids (EAa) from Nutrisport, preferably do it after you have performed the exercise routine, you can also combine it with milkshakes, water, skim milk, etc.

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