Zinc Picolinate - 60 vcaps

Zinc Picolinate, in 60 vegetable capsules, made by Nutrione, is a vitamin supplement that contains zinc in picolinate form. It is easy to absorb, recommended for all people, but especially for those who maintain low diets in meats and other foods that could contribute this trace element.

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    Zinc Picolinate from Nutrione, ideal for strengthening the immune system.

    Zinc Picolinate from Nutrione is a natural supplement that brings an innovative formula to provide the amounts of zinc that the body needs. This trace element, like many other elements, intervenes in biological processes as important as the replication of genetic material, synthesis of proteins and hormones such as testosterone, so important for the control of some physiological processes in men, related to sexual development. In addition, it also contributes to the production of new cells, keeping the skin healthy, the immune system stable and other metabolic processes important for the development of the body.

    The trace elements are those that the body needs in extremely low quantities. However, in spite of requiring small amounts, due to a lack of this element, there are usually certain health conditions that can be avoided with the consumption of a vitamin supplement such as that manufactured by Nutrione; Made of Zinc Picolinate for rapid absorption into the body. Each capsule contains 50 mg of this compound; The necessary concentration so that it is used in the doses that the body needs. We must remember that, these trace elements can create problems when there is a lack of them, but in excess can also be dangerous, even, prove to be toxic. That is why, in order to elaborate this product, it has been thought in every detail, in favor of the health of the customers.

    Facts of Zinc Picolinate from Nutrione

    • Strengthens the immune system's response.
    • Being in its picolinate form, it presents greater bioavailability.
    • Stimulates the production of testosterone.
    • Provides the necessary doses of Zinc to maintain a balanced diet.
    • A vital element for biological processes such as the synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins.
    • Especially useful for those with hormonal imbalances.
    • Helps keep people safe by incorporating toxins into their body through the toxins of tobacco.
    • Contributes to a better cicatrization of the wounds and stimulates the cellular growth.

    Zinc Picolinate from Nutrione is your ideal solution to give the body that dose of zinc that it needs so much to function at 100%. This supplement is designed to be absorbed as quickly and optimally as possible. In addition to Zinc, each capsule contains calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, and rice flour. All this is contained in a vegetable wrap of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

    Recommended Use: it is recommended to take a vegetable capsule of Zinc Picolinate a day, before meals and accompanied with water or some natural juice. This dose is recommended for adults. For any other use, you should consult your trusted doctor.

    Reviews Zinc Picolinate - 60 vcaps

    • 03/14/2018

    producto correcto, lo estoy probando todavía

      • 01/09/2018

      Muy bueno

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