Vitargo + Electrolytes - 900g

Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione is a nutritional supplement in the presentation of a drink with a delicious flavor, that will give your days energy immediately, making you feel more active throughout your workout. Make the most of this delicious ultra-hypotonic drink.

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Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione, by excellence the best product recommended and designed for elite athletes.

Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione a high intensity training facilitating the energy metabolism. It has been enriched with minerals for isotonic function and remineralization, helping to replace lost phosphates during intense and long training sessions, helps metabolize proteins, reduces muscle fatigue, regulates amino acid synthesis, regulates hormone activity and strengthens the nervous and immune system being useful to bring energy recharge to a point of excellence.

Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione provides rapid energy at the time of your training by giving them an effective energy load that is easily accessible by muscle (glycogen), this happens when nutrients are absorbed quickly and are ready for use. This feature also allows you not to absorb water stored in the body's reserves. It even helps the blood supply with the fluids generated by the proper presence of water in the body. That means it goes through the digestive system quickly so you can maximize your workout without worrying about indigestion or stomach cramps.

Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione is especially suitable for people with intense, long and demanding workouts. Vitargo + Electrolytes promotes a record absorption, formulated specifically to meet your needs, a special product for elite athletes, used to powerful and strenuous workouts that only pursue concrete and fast results. It is a carbohydrate that has been patented commercially, has a stimulating effect so powerful that it can burn fat in quantities, giving the body the possibility of carrying the training to the maximum possible level, since the energy it provides is much higher than that of common carbohydrates.

Facts of Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione

  • Contains Purée Vitargo 100%
  • The fastest and easiest digestible carbohydrate source
  • Ultra-hypotonic drink, delivering immediate energy
  • Provides energy to last much longer in training
  • Provides the ideal amount of glycogen
  • Lemon and grape flavor
  • Great quality in its components
  • The best ingredients

Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione is indicated for those who need fast energy to complete intense workouts and a fast recovery. In addition it occupies a preponderant place to obtain an optimum performance before, during and after the training, and to obtain to have that body that you want. If you are a professional level athlete (or want to become one) looking for fast energy and recovery, Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione is for you.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 75 g (two large spoonfuls) of powder Vitargo + Electrolytes from Nutrione, with 400-600 ml of water.

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